Hey Scrappers! Do you ever feel like you are taking the same photos over and over?  Do you hesitate to get out your camera wondering what you’ll photograph?  The best way to improve your photography is to TAKE MORE PHOTOS.  But take photos of what?  I love Katrina Kennedy’s monthly photo lists.

Have you heard of Katrina’s “Capture Your 365?” I was able to do a walking tour with her at digi-polooza in Las Vegas this year. It was so worth it! I wanted to pass on some of her ideas about taking a picture every day. Here’s a list of things to know ahead of time.

  • I will take duplicate photos. I will repeat some of the photos from last year, but nothing will really be the same. It is a new year. I am different. The items and angles and moments and memory surrounding them will be different.
  • I will have some bad photos. Without a doubt I will have days with blurry photos, underexposed photos, and photos I don’t care that much about. They reflect life. As my life is not always perfect or balanced, neither will my photos be.
  • I will have a couple of photos that stand out from the rest. They will be the photos that shine. They will be the photos I place on my walls in frames and print for family. I’ll be happy if I have two that fit this description. That is the way this project works for me.
  • I will contemplate quitting somewhere along the way. I can expect to feel that urge toward the end of January when the newness has worn off a bit and we get back to the daily grind of life. I might want to give up again in July when the light is bright in the middle of the day. October, typically my busiest month of the year, will be difficult as well.
  • I will keep going. I will trudge through the dark times because I love this project. Well, frankly, I don’t know how to stop. Seriously. I don’t. And that is okay.
  • My photography will improve. I’ll learn something more about my camera, about exposure, about composition. I’ll see something in a way I didn’t before. My photos will get better. In small amounts, but they will improve.
  • I will meet new people. People are always my favorite part of the project. Connecting. Seeing others lives through their daily photos. Knowing we are alike and different in so many small ways.

So without further delay, here is her list of May photo ideas. Want to receive a daily reminder prompt? It’s just to the right of the May photo idea list. Just enter your e-mail address and you’ll be hooked.

PS.  I’m taking her “Your kids Captured Through the Lens” Class.  I took it a couple years ago, but I think doing the homework again will help me continue to improve.  I’ll be sure to share the results.