Chelle scraps. Really I do. Sometimes. But I also spend time playing with felt. One of my CT members didn’t realize I make all my felt stuff…with felt (rather than digitally manufacturing them.) While there is still a lot of “digital work” involved, I do make nearly everything using my felt collection. I pulled out a bunch of stuff to show her:

And I thought you might like to see it as well. Can you find the elements from your favorite kit?
Take some time this week for you. Fill that need to create. Scrapping makes my heart sing. I hope it does for you as well.


  1. Krista Jensen

    OMWord! I didn’t realize you make them all by hand first either! That is SO COOL! But then what do you do with all of them? That’s quite the collection! I am SO impressed!! Do you cut them all by hand? Or do you use a die cutting machine?
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. breeoxd

    Chelle, I knew what you did and it’s still pretty amazing looking! Question- where is that facebook felt in the scheme of things? I think thats pretty awesome!

  3. Mary Kate

    Um, WOW! I had no idea! I thought you had a super “action” that you used to get that look! Well, now I am even more bowled over by your talents!

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