I feel so blessed to live in a country where I have a voice in the leadership of our government.  Last week I headed to a nearby community to vote early.  All day I wore my “I voted” sticker with pride.

I Voted - Chelle's Creations

I’m passionate about exercising our right to vote.  My whole family is…so much that we spent a few hours last week calling people and encouraging them to vote and explaining how and where they could vote early.

The younger kids are across the room making campaign posters.  It was kind of fun.  I talked with plenty of pleasant strangers who shared our enthusiasm about the election.

You can now pick up my Rock the Vote kit in my store.

Rock The Vote - Chelle's Creations Digital Scrapbook Kit



  1. Krisi

    My ballot is all filled out and I will drop it off in the morning at the school when I take the kids to school. Thank you!

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  3. JeannieV

    I did early voting and I think we are rooting for the same person! Thanks so much for this wonderful Patriotic kit!

  4. Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever

    This is so cute Chelle! We are headed out early in the morning to vote at our local polling place! I was just thinking earlier to day that I’d like to snap a couple of pics of my hubby and myself at our polling place wearing our “I Voted” stickers. This will be perfect for a memorable layout to share for years and generations to come!

    Thank you so much. You ROCKED it! :)

  5. Krista Jensen

    Thank you, Chelle!! This is such a great kit! I’ll definitely be using it soon! Prayin’ God answers this prayer the way we hope he will! 😉

  6. Rebecca Sinclair

    being out of the country I sent my absentee ballot in over a month ago! wouldn’t have missed voting in this election for anything! Thanks for the free kit! IT is amazing!

  7. Kait

    On my way to drop off the kids at school, then vote.
    Thank you very much for the awesome kit. It is the first and only one that I will have that is related to politics. :)

  8. Christine

    What a great kit – I feel the need to go back and have my picture taken at the polling place and then create a layout with words of wisdom and pride.

  9. Michelle

    Great kit! Thanks so much! I voted last week, but unfortunately I still had to watch all the television commercials and answer the robo phone calls.

  10. Theresa

    Love the kit – thank you.
    Will be voting later today. My 9 year old wants to go with me to see “what this is all about”, so we’ll go after school.

  11. Alyce Anne

    Thanks so much for this kit! I’m beginning a statistics unit with my 6th and 7th graders, using data about presidents, from the election, etc., and have had no luck finding election-type kits. I’ve been using my 4th of July kits to make my powerpoints and assignments, but now I have one that fits! Thanks again!

  12. Shannon

    Thank you SO much! After voting yesterday, a group of us headed to the Ryan Rally and I have been searching for a kit! I Love it! Thanks again :)

  13. PRS

    During the last few days, I have downloaded THOUSANDS of digi files, both purchased and free. And boy, have there been some wonderful things out there for DSD! But this is the first time a digi kit gave me goosebumps. WELL DONE! Thank you so much!

    VOTE, people!

  14. Diane

    Thank you for this gorgeous kit! I have pictures of my son with Gov. and Mrs. Romney, as well as some pictures from rallies. It’s so important to be involved, especially at this crossroad in our country’s history. Our family attended our first caucus and rallies and made our first monetary donation to a campaign this year. To have the freedom to vote is a responsibility and a privilege! I will definitely be scrapping with your kit.

  15. Kimberly

    I voted by absentee two weeks ago! Thank you for doing this – what a great insentive to get folks out there to the polls!

  16. Caroline

    I got involved this election season by volunteering to help defeat an amendment and have great pictures, memories, and stories to scrap about the experience. Thanks for this great kit!

  17. Kari

    I voted early this year. With my husband’s health problems, I never know when we’ll end up in the hospital and I’m NOT missing an opportunity to vote.

    Thank you for this lovely kit!

  18. Lisa

    Voted early last week and proud to say that we also taught our kids how important it is to excercise their right. They have all voted and are proud to have this freedom! Thanks to all that have fought and given their lives for this privilege and to you for sharing this wonderful kit to scrap with.

  19. Sue@grands9creations

    First I want to thank you for this so inspiring “Rock The Vote” mini-kit. It is absolutely amazing. The thought behind it says so much about your love of being an American. I have already early voted and will be glued to the TV later this evening watching the results with the rest of our country. I want you to know your kit inspired me to make one more free wordart that will be showing up on the search engines tomorrow and that I have scheduled personally for 11-7-12. Please do come and take a look. In my TOU you will find your blog listed along with the name of the kit, as well as, Granny Enchanted for her alphabet “Americana Twig”. Thank you for this “I’m So Glad I Am An American” kit. PS … if you have never been to my site … please come and sit a spell. I offer free daily wordart. And don’t forget to leave a comment, too. Hugs always, Sue

  20. Leah Voss


  21. Sarah

    Thanks for this great kit Chelle.
    I’m not a US resident so I can’t vote today.
    But in Belgium we are obligated to vote. If we don’t vote, it’s possible we get a fine.
    I say thumbs up to you and your family to convince people to vote. It’s so important!

  22. Lindsey

    Thank you so much! what an awesome kit and gift you are awesome!! I just voted earlier today and so excited that I could!

  23. Kelli

    Thanks for the Kit. Voting is one of those things I think we may take for granted, your kit inspires me to go scrap about something that I always do and it a part of normal life but would have otherwise not documented. Thank you so much.

  24. Mel H

    I am taking the kids to vote today as part of a new initiative in our county to encourage young voters and future voter participation, otherwise I would have cast my ballot early. Thanks for the gift!

  25. Rhadonda

    I voted. Feels good to know i did my part. No matter who wins God is sovereign and holds the “kings” hearts in His hand. Thanks for the kit. I was just thinking i wish i had a political kit to scrap with and there you are!!

  26. Jemenifer22

    Seriously – how did you find time to… nevermind, I don’t want to know because then I’d start feeling unworthy again!! All Hail the amazing Chelle!!!

  27. DS

    Hey Chelle thanks for the kit. I voted in the early voting! Thank for making a special day even more special!

  28. Sandy

    Thanks for the kit! I took my boys with me when I voted this morning. My three year old was so exciting to go “boating”.

  29. Cindy

    What a wonderful surprise! Thank you so much for the amazing kit. I voted early, but will be going to the polls later today to watch my youngest son vote for the first time!

  30. Julie R.

    I walked to our polling location (5 min) with my two youngest, ages 4 and 2, and voted. It took only a few minutes and my little ones and I are proud of our “I Voted!” stickers!

  31. Tammy

    Just got back from voting! We always take our kids with us when we vote but I’ve never taken pictures. This kit motivated me to take pictures this time. I’m praying for our country today! Thank you so much for this awesome kit!

  32. Michelle

    I’m definately voting after work today. I’m proud to vote! (I live in Ohio and have been inundated with calls and postcards.)

  33. Pam in Missouri

    I just got back from voting! So quick and easy in my neighborhood. Thanks for the cute kit.

  34. DoggiNo

    I’m not a US resident, so no voting for me, but it sure is an exciting day for the whole world !

    Thanks for the kit !

  35. Debora (boba80)

    Since I’m living and born in Holland, I can’t vote today… but I did it earlyer this year when we had to choose a new goverment… Yesterday they finaly get installed by our queen.
    Thank you for the freebie…

  36. Peggy S

    Thank you for this generous gift to help us document our participation in this crucial exercise of our freedom.

  37. Fonnetta

    Thank you so much, Chelle!!! We all (4 of the 6 of us above 18) voted last night together. We sat sat around the table discussing the voters pamphlet and answering questions and it was AMAZING to be able to teach the kids!! Our son just turned 18 right before the election, so it was a fantastic learning experience!

  38. SHansen

    This year none of the voting places around us handed out stickers! So I thank you for your kit, so I can add a digital sticker to my day!

  39. crystalnva

    THANK YOU ;~} Heading out to vote now, see we are REPUBLICAN`s we have to wait to vote after we get off from work….Use your RIGHTs GO VOTE !!!! BEAUTIFUL kit AWESOME job THANK YOU ;~} again for sharing…

  40. Tammy

    Thank you for this great kit. I just scrapped my daughter and I after we voted. This was her first year to be able to vote (turned 18 in May) and it was a great experience. Posted the layout in the SO gallery!

  41. Sharon

    Thanks for being a part of your community and helping people to understand the democratic process. What a wonderful blog to read today. Thanks for the mini

  42. Michele

    I only just now saw this, an hour before polls closing, so almost too late to re-post, but I did vote this morning and love this kit! Thank you!

  43. October

    Super cute, Chelle! Thank you! Our washer repair guy JUST got here (better than the 6pm they were predicting) so I’ll be able to get out to the polls once DH gets home with the car. :)

  44. Jann

    I mailed my ballot last Thursday!! I love that in Arizona I can be on the ‘permanent early ballot mailing list’ they offer…and we don’t even have to place postage on it.

    Thank you for the kit! I will be sharing your FB post with others!

  45. SandyPie

    This is fantastic, I was just thinking I needed a kit like this for my AAM album to record my thoughts on all this “fun”. Thank you so much!!!

  46. mischalaneous

    Thanks so much, Chelle! This kit is wonderful! Seeing you in the photo and reading what you wrote, coupled with how I have felt about this subject has brought tears to my eyes. We are SO blessed to be Americans! May always remember to live responsibly to retain the God-given rights that our constitution protects.

  47. Melinda

    I just got home from voting. It is important to get out and exercise your right to vote. Thanks Chelle for promoting voting and for the sweet treat.

  48. JulieBee in Iowa

    My husband and I voted today after I picked him up early from work to do so. We only had to wait for one person ahead of us in line and then waiting for the computer and booth another 4-5 minutes. Not too bad. I forgot to take my cell phone, let alone take my camera so I’m going to have to take pictures of us holding our pins. Darn it. Thank you for the wonderful kit!

  49. Paula

    Thanks for the encouragement to participate in the privilege of voting. I did my duty earlier today and my hubby is doing his now, after finishing work. Thank you very much for this super kit. I’m praying that the folks in those communities hardest hit by the storm last week (I’m from the East Coast but was restored to full power this past weekend) get the opportunity to vote in spite of the dire situation with which many are still coping.

  50. Debbie

    Wearing my “I Voted” with pride! I always feel so proud when I get to vote! A real American! Thank you for the free kit! It is awesome! I am doing a 52 week for my grandkids and this will be a page that will go in week 45! Thank you!!

  51. Sandy_in_MD

    I took advantage of early voting in our state last week. Thanks so much for this patriotic kit!

  52. fl_connie

    thanks for the great kit! I voted! When I was young, I thought my vote didn’t make any difference but I found out how wrong I was.

  53. andrea

    Love This!! Thanks so very much!!! We were out early voting and then went to take my elderly mum out to vote, too. My daughter was doing calls for several weeks also, with AFP , never made it to a campaign stop this time although as a swing state there have been many stops in the state!! Plenty of photos over the years…think this will finally get them into a layout!!

  54. Liz Moss

    I voted this afternoon right after my doctor’s appointment for the ickies I have been having. I had to go out and support both my husband and brother in law who are running in local elections.

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  56. Becky

    I voted! Took both my 3 year olds who were not the most cooperative and my county has gotten rid of their stickers so I couldn’t even bribe them! But I did vote! Thanks for the kit.

  57. Molly

    I adore this, Chelle! And I voted as well. I had actually been kind of bummed, because in years past we always went to the actual polls, but this year we did mail-in ballots, so I didn’t get my “I voted” sticker. :( But this kit definitely makes up for it! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  58. Laura Karaba

    I ROCKED THE VOTE 12 hours ago! Thanks for the freebie! (They just said that OBAMA has won!)

  59. Stacy

    Darn it! Didn’t see this until this morning.
    Guess the freebie is gone?!?!? :(
    Cool kit. Sorry I missed out.

    1. Chelle

      There are several ways to be “in the know”. Subscribe to my blog feed – follow me on twitter – comment/like my Facebook page…

  60. Christie

    So sad that I missed this, there was a bad wreck yesterday that blew a transmission line in my county. It took out power in all the surrounding counties, even in 2 states. Lucky I voted before it happened.

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