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I’ve been helping at the school in my daughter’s first grade class with math and wanted to make it a little more fun.  I whipped up this Don’t Eat Frosty Game to help get the kids more excited about math.   The game is based on the children’s game Don’t Eat Pete.   I’ve included instructions with the downloads incase your not familiar with how to play Don’t Eat Pete.

I changed it up a bit for my math sessions.  I printed the game board out and slid it into a sheet protector.  Then, I grabbed a bag of m&ms and headed to the school.  I worked with 4-5 children at a time and I secretly picked which square would be Frosty each round.  I gave each child a math problem to do.  Like 4 + blank = 3.  And when we arrived at the correct answer they were able to eat a m&m off a square.  It was tons of fun for the kids to work on math this way and try to guess which square would have me shouting, “Don’t Eat Frosty!”  LOL  We ate lots of m&ms and even learned some math in the process.  Plus the teacher was ecstatic to receive a new game to add to her math helper box!  =)


download here – http://ow.ly/gC3tP

I used the following Chelle’s Creations Products to create this fun little game board.

Chalked {bundle}

 Chalked {snowflakes}

 Home for the Holidays {bundle}

I hope you have fun playing with your children and/or grandchildren.

take care and keepscrappin’



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