Hey Scrappers,

…DAY 2…

My GO TO printing resource: Adoramapix
I’ve printed a lot of photo books.  (and technically I’ve used several different printing companies).  So I believe I have enough experience to give a good review.

You can find a printer to match just about every budget.  And if you watch, there are coupons and sales with nearly every company.  That being said, you get what you pay for…sort of.  Turns out that isn’t exactly true.  All of the details are in this video review:

Hands down, Adoramapix is best.

PS.  I rarely print individual layouts anymore, but without a doubt, Persnickety Prints does the best job for the price on those.



  1. lisar

    Hi Chelle! thanks for the recommendation! i have always used Adorama as a great source for photo supplies and frames but never tried one of their photobooks. i will definitely keep them in mind. as for Persnickety … i LOVE them! their quality is superb and their turnaround time is wonderful. i’ve ordered not only prints (regular sizes and 12x12s that i’ve framed) but also some of their unique calendar offerings (the little clipboards this year were so cute, i couldn’t resist). i also like that they offer different finishes … you can request a sampler of them. again, thanks for the info! and so sorry to hear you are retiring but sometimes, you just need to focus on other things (like family!). your designs are a delight and i will be using them for years! kind regards, lisar

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