11.23.15 Gadanke Journaling Method | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hey Friends! Today I want to share a digital scrapbooking journaling method that Chelle told me about.  It’s called Gadanke.  Check out Katie Clemons web site and ideas.

Here’s a quote from Katie’s Gadanke Website.

“Here’s my secret 5-step formula for writing a quick, in-depth journal entry.

I know. You wouldn’t think “quick” and “in-depth” could come together. So hear me out. Watch this 5-minute workshop and try the exercise a couple of times. You’ll be cranking out these insightful little entries faster than you can turn the calendar to next week’s workshop. ”

In this workshop video, I’m using:

Now let me show you what Donna created using the Gadanke journaling method.


Donna used Great Outdoors in this layout.




10.30.15 Collect App | Digital Scrapbooking Resources


This month I wanted to share more with you about the Collect App that lets you do digital scrapbooking on your phone.  This information is mostly from Chelle from our PU newsletter from March 23, 2015.  So you may have read about this before. Here is aa link to the Collect App.

Hey Friends!

Almost 7 years ago I failed at Photo-A-Day 365.  Up to that point in the year I’d done pretty well.  I’d only missed a few days in the first 3 months.  And I kept up on the scrapping side of it, a 2 page layout for each week.  But the truth is, it was HARD!  Hard to remember to take the photos.  Hard to take the time to upload them from my camera to my computer.  So easy to forget.  So easy for something to be more important.

However, now things have changed.  There is a good camera on my phone which means I have a good camera with me almost always.  And while I still enjoy scrapping the memories we make, I also like to document the little things that make up our days.  Back in December I learned about an app that might make it easier to be successful at Photo-a-Day or P365.  BUT, things were still crazy in my life.  So I downloaded the Collect app and decided to start on January 1st.  Amazingly 3 month later I am still going strong.  And it is super easy.  Every afternoon I get a reminder to take a photo if I haven’t taken one yet.  Before I go to bed, I choose my favorite photo of the day and add it the Collect app…during that time I am usually thinking about our schedule for the next day and planning for what photo I’d like to take the next day.

But I think my favorite part of the app is the story-telling portion.  There is a place with every photo to add just a bit of the story (and more space below if necessary).  This “forces” me to be concise in telling the story of the photos…or just what I was thinking at the time.

So what will I do with these photos?

  • Sometimes this is just one photo from an event and I’ll be scrapping it as usual.


  • Your photos can be exported as one large calendar (which can be scrapped)…

2015-03-23 09.30.42

  • Or individual cards with the journaling (which can be scrapped, or just printed as is and tucked in pocket pages)

2015-03-23 09.31.28 2015-03-23 09.31.52

I liked my calendar so much, that I’ve added more calendars that first one.  I don’t know how many calendars you can create, but I have 3 right now.  In addition to my main album, I set up a calendar to keep the screenshots of my Couch to 5K workouts.  (You don’t have to have a photo for every day.  And you can have more than one photo each day.)  I’ll use these photos when I scrap about this journey to improve my fitness level.

2015-03-23 09.26.07

And I set up a calendar for my ‘other’ venture: Illustrated-Faith.  I probably won’t ever scrap these photos because I have the original book.  But I like having them all in one place where I can see them.  It keeps me accountable and motivated.

2015-03-23 09.26.19

And next fall I’ll start a “kindergarten year” calendar for my son.

I love how it gets me thinking about the moments I want to capture to tell the story of our lives.




10.26.15 Tweakin’ Templates Go Big or Go Home | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Let’s talk templates. They really help speed up our digital scrapbooking and make our layouts more distinctive. This month I challenged the team to use a template with a large photo and then show us their layout. I really like templates that show a large photo because they draw me in and make me wonder what was happening at the time the photo was taking. They make me WANT to read the journaling. So check these out.

This layout is by Christine.


She used this template.

christine temp

Jenn Schultz created this layout.

Jenn S

Jenn used this layout.

Jenn Temp

I would like to see the ways you use big pictures and templates. Make a layout and share it in the SO Pin Gallery. Remember to use #chelle on all your layouts.

10.12.2015 Yes YOU Are Photogenic | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hey Friends!  This month I challenged our creative team to do a digital scrapbooking layout showing how photogenic they are. To put themselves in the photo.  I referred them to a local show here in Utah called “Studio 5,” and a segment called, “Yes, YOU are photogenic.” I’ve linked it up for you if you want to take a look. Local photographer Kate Pease gave some great examples of how to take the photo so that you look your best.

First let me show you what Roxana did as her before and her after. In the first one she thought it made her look “wider.” In the second, she changed position by crossed her arm and rotating the photo a bit. She felt like she now looked “thinner.” Roxana used Fleur de Violette.

Roxana orig   Roxana fix

Another suggestion from Studio 5 was to include photos of yourself straight on and turned to your side. Let me show you Carol’s layout that she made using this principle. Carol used In the Forest & Great Outdoors.


Take a minute and check out the Studio 5 Blog, “Yes, YOU Are Photogenic.” I think it will provide some good tips and I can’t wait to see if that shows up in your layouts!




9.14.2015 Scrap On Your Phone! | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hi Friends!

We’ve heard a lot of chatter and had a few questions come up about digital scrapbooking on phone lately. Chelle has 3 you tube videos all about phone scrapping. Take a look at these videos for a quick review or a more thorough tutorial.

ScrapOnYourPhone Digitkits



Hope you learn something to help speed up your scrapping.



Lay It On There (Doubles) 23 | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hello Friends!
Did you pick up Chelle’s 23rd template in her Lay It On There {Doubles} #23? It was available as a digital scrapbooking freebie in July as part of the Tuesday Template series in the Scrap Orchard forum. (Hint! 24 is in the SO Forum now.)  I wanted to show you some ideas for layouts. #23 will be available in Chelle’s store a little later this year if you missed it.

Here are a couple of layouts to share with you.
Jenn S used Aviator and Lay It On There {Doubles} Template 23.
Helen used Lay It On There {Template} 23 & Hard Hat Required & HHR {Alpha}.
cc_hardhat  cc_hardhat_ap - Copy
If you haven’t done a layout using Aviator or Hard Hat, snag one of Chelle’s Lay It On There {Doubles} Templates and go for it. Enjoy!

Blogs! Social Media Scrapper! | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hello Friends!

Social Media has had a huge impact on digital scrapbooking.  There are many resources out there, but I want to tell you about Chelle’s Blog. Do you see all the jumping points from her landing page below.
Chelles blog top
Here are a few things to know.

  1. The Home Page shows you her recent releases.
  2. Go to Chelle’s Store for some retail therapy at Scrap Orchard..
  3. Blog! That’s where we are. We do many fun things on the blog: Tips!, Freebies!  Lots of goodies!
  4. Tutorials! Help for Beginning & Intermediate Scrappers, CU tutorials, & Digital Scrapbooking Video Scrapbooking
  5. Next we have Designer Club. We have 2 Designer Club chats a month: Tips & Tutorials and Question & Answer.
  6. We send out Weekly Newsletters about Chelle’s new releases and you can find information about coupons or freebies.
  7. Free Actions: Alpha Chopper & Resize Larger Action.

Over on the far right are 3 little green buttons:

  1. You can follow Chelle on Twitter, Facebook Fan Page & You Tube Channel.

Check ’em out. You might not be aware of all the digi info Chelle has out there. If you are a social media scrapper, the Chelle’s Creation Blog is a great resource for you. Over the next few months, we’ll be focusing more on the resources you can access with Chelle.
by Sari

Lay It On There {Singles} | Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Hey Friends!

Have you noticed Chelle’s digital scrapbooking templates?  In the last year she has been releasing her Lay It On There {Doubles} 1-24. Lay It On There {Doubles} have been for the Tuesday Template Challenge in the Scrap Orchard Forum.  She’s also released them during sales at Scrap Orchard.

She’s had such a positive experience for  her LIOT {Doubles}, that we are now beginning to release her Lay It On There {Singles} Lay It On There (Singles) Template 1&2
Lay It On There {Singles} Templates 3&4
Lay It On There {Singles} Templates 5&6
Keep checking Chelle’s Newsletters. You’ll be seeing Lay It On There {Singles} 7&8 very soon.

Now let’s talk Lay It On There {Doubles}
cc_LayItOnThereTemplates_Doubles_1n2 cc_LayItOnThereTemplates_Doubles_3n4
LIOT {Doubles} 13n14 is’t currently avaiable.

cc_LayItOnThereTemplates_Doubles_15N16 cc_LayItOnThereTemplates_Doubles_17n18

cc_LayItOnThereTemplates_Doubles_19n20 cc_LayItOnThereTemplates_Doubles_21n22

If you aren’t a lover of Chelle’s templates, try one of these, I bet you will love them.

by Sari



Little Boys & Girls {aka Little People} | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hello Friends! It’s summer and summer always makes me think of fun activities with our little friends in the family. This month you’ll see a lot of little people popping up in our digital scrapbooking layouts. Chelle has some really fun Little People {LP} that you may have overlooked.  Here’s a list of SOME of them. Check out Chelle’s kits, you’ll probably find you have a lot of kits with Little People in them.

cc_littlepeople_costumes  cc_CTRmakeamissionary  cc_givethanks.jpg

cc_seeclearlynow_lp_900  gymnastics felties  cc_atthebeach_littlepeople

These kits also contain Little People. We have some little people that  will be coming out soon. So keep an eye out.

Why not add some “Little People” to your next layout? They add fun and dimension.


by Sari

Photobook Review: Adoramapix & Picabook Seamless Lay Flat Comparison | Digital Scrapbook Resources


I LOVE photobooks.  I love how easy they are to look through.  I love how compact they are compared to my drop-in pocket page albums and my strap-hinge bound albums.  I’ve been printing photobooks for more than 10 years with at least 6 companies.  I own over 100 photobooks, several are multiple copies of the same book.

I was recently contacted about doing a photobook review.  Since I’d already created several books with both of these companies, I was happy to agree to share my findings.

Prior to this review, I usually printed my annual yearbooks with Picaboo.  The primary reason is that they had the highest maximum pages allowed.  Every year I have to limit the layouts I include because of that maximum page number, so it is a big deal to me.  However, this past year I decided to try the seamless lay-flat photobook printing 2 Volumes per year instead.

Prior to this review, I usually printed all of my other photobooks (vacation & design portfolios) with Adoramapix.  In the past albums were limited to specific page quantities, however recently they changed and the # of pages is flexible.  Adoramapix photobooks are all seamless lay-flat and they are gorgeous.


So in February I determined to order the same album with Picaboo & Adorampix to compare them.  Here are my experiences:

Uploading and Ordering the books.

In both cases uploading is fairly straight forward.  I create all of my layouts as double page spreads (even if they are separate layouts) and save them as flattened .jpgs.  I name them 2012_pg_01_02.jpg, 2012_pg_33_34.jpg, etc to make creating the book simple.  (This means when they are in alphabetical order, they are also in numerical order, which makes creating the book simple as I’ll show below.)

Step 1:  Choose the type of book you want to create:  (from Picaboo – choose the bottom blank one)






From Adoramapix, choose shape, size, cover, and BLANK


Step 2:  Upload the layouts: (from Adoramapix, browse or drag & drop.  Get them from your computer or several other sources on the left)


I usually do this in stages.  Depending on my internet speed, I may upload in batches of 10 layouts or 25 layouts.   Then I get busy working on something else while it uploads.


Once the layouts are all uploaded, the procedure is slightly different for each company.

Album Cover.  I almost always choose a photo cover and I design those in photoshop as well.  And therein lies the problem.

Adoramapix provides .psd templates for their photobook covers with bleed and wrap lines well marked.  They are the “old” templates based on the specific number of pages in the book, but you can choose the one closest to the number of pages you will have and it will work quite well.  You can find them here:  http://forums.adoramapix.com/entries/21499630-Where-do-I-get-book-sizes-for-Photoshop-


Picaboo provides no templates or directions.  For 2011 (prior to this review) I took a screenshot of the cover page of the book creation page (where I could see the guidelines) enlarged it and used it as a general guide.  I created a cover, uploaded it, and checked for placement.  Then made adjustments to my PSD, flattened and saved, uploaded and checked again.  It took about 3 tries to get everything lined up correctly.  The final result was not perfectly centered when printed.  For this review, I just used the cover I created for the Adoramapix book.

As you can see, the album cover design I chose was not particular near the edges of the cover.  Neither album ended up with the design perfectly centered.  This matches my past experience, however, I am able to make a much more accurate approximation with the Adoramapix templates & book creation guidelines.

Title Page.  Picaboo requires a cover page.  Adoramapix does not have cover pages unless you specifically leave the first side of a page blank.  I repeated the front side of my cover for the title page in the Picaboo book.

Picaboo requires end pages (blank page on the inside of the cover front facing the title page, and a blank page facing a Picaboo logo on the inside of the cover back.)  Adoramapix allows the user to choose blank endpages or have the inside of the cover be the first page in the album.  I always choose the later.  This means the outside layout is a little bumpy where that photo covers the “wrap” of the cover.  This is primarily noticeable when you hold it up to the light just so.


Regular pages


The layouts will appear along the bottom of the book creation page.  They will be in alphabetical order.  If you turn on “HIDE USED PHOTOS”, the photos will “vanish” as you add them to the album and the next ones will always be at the beginning.  This makes creating long albums very speedy.

Drag the layout onto the “book”


click on Background spread…


Wait just a moment for it to “load” then Click on “next page”



The layouts will appear along the left side of the book creation page.  You can sort to a specific order, I prefer alphabetical.  These are the settings I prefer:


  • Show used OFF
  • Show names ON  (actually sometimes I turn this one off as well)
  • Thumb size LARGE

Drag the layout onto the “book”.  From the menu at the top, click Fit/Fill and drop down to “Fill the Spread”


Note:  If you were uploading the sides independently, you would drag them on and choose “Fill the Page”

As you can see, on each page Adoramapix has a bleed or crop zone identified.  This area of each layout MAY be cropped, but also may not.   The lines appears “on top” of layouts you upload so you can verify that you do not have critical information in the crop zone as you are creating the book.  (Picaboo does not have guides at this stage of book creation.)


That’s it.  Repeat those steps for each layout in the album.

Each book includes 20 pages.  To add additional pages…

With Picaboo:


With Adoramapix:  (common additional page amounts are shown, but you can choose any even amount.)


Once the book has been created, it can be PREVIEWED before an order is placed.

Picaboo’s previews show one spread at a time with a bright yellow “safety zone” over the edges of the photos.  This zone is not particularly accurate.  For example, it shows an area approximately .375 inches in the “gutter” of this spread, when in fact nothing was cropped from that side.  I’ll share more examples in later in the review.  Previews are shown in low resolution, but you can click to view the higher resolution (and wait for it to load).


Adoramapix preview is similar to looking at the actual book.  When you click on a corner of the page, the page appears to “turn”.  Thumbnails of the page spreads are visible along the bottom of the preview.  The warning in the upper left-hand corner indicates that I have items in the trim area because my layouts “fill” the spread instead of “fit” to the spread.  Fit to spread may result in thin white lines on the borders of you pages.


PRICING:  For a number of years I knew that Adoramapix book prices were expensive (in comparison to a non-layflat book from a budget printer such as Artscow).  But I believed it fit with the adage “you get what you pay for”.  I was shocked to compare the actual prices for lay-flat books.  Before coupons, discounts, etc:

Adoramapix:  $131.60




Picaboo $165.49


And for the record, Shutterfly is approximately $178.09 for the same cover/number of pages.

However, coupons and discounts can and do affect those prices.  When I completed my purchase of my 2011 albums from Picaboo  on December 7th 2014, I was offered a deal to purchase discount “vouchers”.  It was a great deal, similar to this one:


So I purchased enough to completely pay to print my 2012 albums in the spring of 2015.

Note:  I’d purchased similar vouchers in the spring of 2014.  I’d planned to use them when I finished my 2011 yearbook (and I print 4 copies of both volumes), so I carefully read the fine print.  Multiple vouchers could be used and if I missed the deadline, the original cash value would never expire.   I missed the deadline.  I was confused about the date.  However, Picaboo was having a different deal in December so I used my “original cash value” on the sale prices.  This positive experience influenced my decision to purchase the vouchers again.

HOWEVER, when I went to place my order on the last day before the deadline in Feburary, the terms had changed.  Only one voucher allowed per order.  This meant that the $200 I’d spent could not be used to pay for my entire order, but instead on 8 different books…until after the deadline expired at which time they would return to their original cash value.  Fortunately for me that deadline was the following morning.  I contacted customer service and they confirmed that sometime in 2014 the terms had changed and I had not noticed the fine print.  However, they also informed me that my coupons would not revert back to their “original cash value” for at least a week or more.   Three days later after several phone calls, speaking to a supervisor, insisting they honor their 100% satisfaction guaranteed, etc they re-issued my “original cash value” vouchers and I was able to purchase the 2 volumes for this review AT FULL PRICE.

Because those voucher prices imply that the actual cost of a book with Picaboo is substantially lower, I felt it necessary to add this part of my experience to the review.

I used a %off coupon on my Adoramapix book.  I have also used Groupon discounts on printing Adoramapix books.  I typically pay the difference for additional pages I add to the books.

I purchased my Adoramapix books 1 day later than the Picaboo books.  They arrived 1 day before the Picaboo books.  Both books arrived within 1 week of ordering.

There was a HUGE difference between the two books.


Note:  it was difficult to capture the cover differences in a photograph.  I took photos of my other Picaboo books and photos in the light to show the differences.


The cover of the Picaboo album is dull and slightly gray.  It looks like it has a thin plastic film covering it.  (it does not…at least not one that is removable.)  The surface feels dull…almost slightly dirty.   There is resistance as you rub your hand across the surface.  The interior pages of the Picabook album are at least ¼ inch smaller than the cover on all 3 sides.

The cover of the Adoramapix album is saturated and shiny.  It has a very slightly pebbly finish like a photograph.  It is smooth to the touch.

The interior pages of the Adoramapix book are very close to the size of the cover.



The Picabook paper appears to be a heavy cardstock with a glossy magazine-like surface.  I could not find specific information about the actual paper on their website.

The Adoramapix paper is actual photo paper and it looks like it.

Both books are nearly the same thickness, both in the cover and in the overall thickness of the photobook.

Images on the inside pages:

The Picaboo images are much lighter, almost washed out in comparison to the Adoramapix images.



On some pages there is almost a light blue, washed out cast to the images.




Note:  The adoramapix images match photos I have printed professionally.  However, printed images are typically slightly darker than they appear on a back-lit screen.  This is universal and a common difference between printed photos and photos viewed on a bright screen.  You can adjust for this difference if you use a monitor calibration device such as a Spyder.


I was most disappointed with the trim/bleed/safetyzone in the Picaboo album.   Some of the pages I uploaded had items in the bleed area that were cut off in the Picaboo book, but not cut off in the Adoramapix book:  (note the stripe of plaid paper on the very top of the layout)


Since they were in the yellow “safety zone” I was aware they might be trimmed.


However, even if I did not have the Adoramapix album for comparison, I would still be disappointed.  There is a section of Volume 1 in the second half of the book where the bleed is very off centered.  This page is a good example.  The peaked trim was visible in my original layout evenly on the top and bottom of the page, however, in the Picaboo book, it is mostly visible on the top, and mostly Invisible on the bottom.


This is true of several pages in this section of the book.  MUCH more is cropped from the bottom of the pages…MORE than what was in covered in yellow in the book preview.  Nearly 3/4 inch is cropped off.  In many cases this cropped some of the text.  I allow 1/2 inch on all edges for text and important “stuff”.  With Picaboo, that was not enough.



In fact, on 2 pages the edges of my QR codes were chopped off.


In my opinion:

I was pleasantly surprised at my results.  I expected the Adoramapix albums to be outstanding and they were.  I’ve always justified spending what I believed to be “more” for the higher quality albums.  In doing this review I learned that I am NOT spending “more”.  Adoramapix albums are in line with other companies seamless layflat books, yet the quality is OUTSTANDING in comparison.  I don’t want washed out photos.  I don’t want off-centered photos.  I don’t want important items to be chopped off…and I don’t want to leave everything in the center of the page so it isn’t chopped off.  I like the ease of having a .psd template to create my cover.  And I like being able to choose to have endpapers or leave off the logo.

My original plan was to continue to do reviews comparing other book companies.  However, it is unlikely I will do another review because it is unlikely I will print with any other company.  Competitive pricing and OUTSTANDING quality means I will be printing EVERYTHING with Adoramapix from here on out.

AND, I have great news. Adoramapix agreed to allow me to share a coupon code with you:  pxchelle88

25% off printing through June 30th 11:59 pm EST!

This is a GREAT opportunity for you to give them a try.  Pick a handful of your favorite layouts and print up a book for Dad…or Grandpa.  You will LOVE the results.

by chelle