10 things: LAST DAY – Memories | Digital Scrapbooking

My Dear Friends

…DAY 1…the LAST day.  Even though I am writing this a week in advance, reviewing my kits, brainstorming about things to share…even creating this last image brought tears to my eyes.  I will certainly miss all of you.  I so appreciate your love, friendship, & support!


A couple of years ago I was creating a commercial.  Although it was exactly what I had in mind, it didn’t fit the purposes of my commercial at the time.  However, it did emphasize why memories are important to me.  Grab a tissue and click on the image below.


10 things: DAY 2 – My GO TO printing resource | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

…DAY 2…

My GO TO printing resource: Adoramapix
I’ve printed a lot of photo books.  (and technically I’ve used several different printing companies).  So I believe I have enough experience to give a good review.

You can find a printer to match just about every budget.  And if you watch, there are coupons and sales with nearly every company.  That being said, you get what you pay for…sort of.  Turns out that isn’t exactly true.  All of the details are in this video review:

Hands down, Adoramapix is best.

PS.  I rarely print individual layouts anymore, but without a doubt, Persnickety Prints does the best job for the price on those.


10 things: DAY 3 THIS makes my photos look GREAT! | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

…DAY 3…

THIS makes my photos look GREAT!
Radlab.  Seriously.  FAB-U-LOUS!  I certainly don’t edit every photo.  But for those where I didn’t get the exposure right or the color is off.  This is a super fast way to fix them.  (I really thought I made a video tutorial, but I can’t find it.  Oops!)  Jen from my CT has this GREAT tutorial on my blog:

For photos from my camera, I use the RadLab, but for photos taken with my camera (which is most of them anymore) I simply use the RadLab app: PictapGo and do it all on my phone before I download the pics.


10 things : DAY 4 – My most important tip! | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

Just a word of warning: the servers can get busy and load times can slow up whenever we are close to the end of a sale.  Please don’t wait until the last minute or you may miss your chance.  Just be safe and get your last minute items now.
…DAY 4…

My most important tip:  PRINT YOUR LAYOUTS!
Several people have described this as the most photographed generation…that in 50 years will have no photographic history.
I know.  It has nothing to do with how to scrap or design.  But it is the most important.  Unprinted layouts can vanish in the blink of an EHD failure.  DVDs don’t last forever.  PRINT! PRINT! PRINT!  and then enjoy!


10 things: DAY 5 – How to get your layouts DONE! | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

…DAY 5…

Get your layouts DONE!
I’m going to let you in on a little secret:  the way to get your layouts done.  Are you listening?
Let go of perfection!  That’s right.  It truly doesn’t matter if that little flower is moved 1/4 of an inch to the left.  Your family won’t notice the difference.  They will just love reliving the memory.  Just do it.  Don’t stress if it’s not perfect.  There are no scrapbook police checking your layouts.  None.
Embellish to the level you enjoy!  If you love tweaking shadows, then GO FOR IT!  If you don’t, then don’t worry about it at all!  Just do what you love!


10 things: Day 6 Why I love Alphas & how to use them | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

Did you get what you were hoping for?  Well, if not, you know where to find what you want…my store!
…DAY 6…

Why I love Alphas! and how to use them:
I may or may not have owned a bazillion letter stickers.  And getting them lined up just right was difficult.  That’s probably why I love alphas.  Digi makes it so easy to put them exactly where you want.  Wether you use the alignment tools to get them all lined up spiffy or carefully place them so they look slightly wonky, there is always Ctrl-Z.  Here’s one of my favorite you-tube tips for how to arrange your alpha letters in just the right way:

Best part?  My you-tube channel is not going away.  Bookmark it so you can come back and check out the other tutorials!

PS.  The winter candy land stuffs are now in the store:


10 Things: DAY 8 – What is your favorite layout? | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

On with the countdown…DAY 8…

What is your favorite layout?
That is like choosing a favorite child:  impossible.  So many memories.
But this is definitely in my top 10.  I think it was because it wasn’t really about anything, just enjoying my little one growing up.  My house wasn’t spotless.  He’s not even dressed.  The colors really didn’t work with anything (blue walls, brown floors, & aqua foam brick with lots of light peach???)  But it reminds me of his innocence and ability to just play.  And I love that.


10 Things: DAY 9 – How crazy are you? | Digital Scrapbooking

Hey Scrappers,

I decided that to countdown my last 10 days as a digital scrapbook designer, I want to share some tidbits with you.  Some advice, some silliness, some fun.  So here we go…DAY 9…

How Crazy are you?
I’ve designed and scrapped in LOTS of places:  airports, dentist offices, soccer practices, the carpool lane…

(the carpool lane wasn’t moving….I got there early and just sat…with the car shut off…safety first)
But I think the craziest is probably the time I needed to finish up a kit and Mark was in the hospital…AGAIN.  We’d hitched a ride to our favorite “white hotel on the hill” (AKA Primary Children’s Medical Center) in an ambulance, but I managed to grab some bricks of clay & my tools before we left.  While he rested and recovered, I fashioned the Trick or Treat clays at his bedside, and then baked them in a clay oven in my hotel room that night.  CRAZY!


TEN things: DAY 10 – It’s good for you! | Digital Scrapbook

Hey Scrappers,

I decided that to countdown my last 10 days as a digital scrapbook designer, I want to share some tidbits with you.  Some advice, some silliness, some fun.  So here we go…DAY 10…

How Scrapbooking is GOOD FOR YOU!
In general, if something is good for you, it isn’t fun/tasty/enjoyable.  Fortunately scrapbooking doesn’t fit the mold.  It is fun AND good for you!  Why?  Well, studies have shown that gratitude boosts happiness.  And focusing on your memories = natural gratitude => a boost in happiness.  So, indulge yourself.  Make time for scrapping and be happy!
It works for me.  I know I am much more pleasant to be around if I’ve scrapped recently.