11.05.15 Digital Scrapbook Day 35% off and 3 FREEBIES | Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Hey Scrappers,

I’ve had several questions about Digital Scrapbook day, so I’ll share a bit of the history.  Twenty years ago Creative Memories petitioned President Bill Clinton to declare the first Saturday  in May as National Scrapbook Day, which he did.  Since that time, the first Saturday in May has been known as National Scrapbook Day.  And it’s official in the US.  But we aren’t all from the US, so digi scrappers did two things about it.  #1, the first Saturday in May is commonly known as interNational Scrapbook day (we kinda just declared it that…it’s not official, although I’m not sure what it takes to be official. LOL!  and #2.  We declared our own holiday, on the “opposite” day of the year, the first Saturday in November as Digital Scrapbook Day.
Buy hey.  All that really matters is that we have a GREAT sale and tons of fun activities!  First up, the sale:

What is that FREE KIT?  Well, here’s a peek:

With all the goodies available for you to acquire, you can earn a FREE Mega and Add-on called, I like BIG books and I cannot lie.

Can you believe it’s been 18 months since my daughter left on her mission?  It has.  And in less than 2 weeks she’ll be coming home.  This is one of the photos she sent from her mission:  (she’s actually spent a big chunk of her time along Route 66)

My favorite part of Disneyland isn’t Disneyland at all.  It’s across the way at Cars Land.  I LOVE spending time there.  Especially in the evening at dusk when it’s time for the neon to turn on.  Just like in the movie, they play “Life Would be a Dream…” and the neon turns on one building at a time.  We love to grab some dinner and enjoy that special moment. (yes, we like to be silly)

Between those two memories, I needed a Route 66 kit.  I’ve learned a TON about Route 66 while doing research for this collection.  If I had a convertible, we’d be headed on a road trip very soon.  In the meantime I’ll just have to settle for listening to my CARS soundtrack…”there’s a big blue sky waiting right behind the clouds…”4
 I have a great NEW kit and alpha called Route 66.

This alpha is FREE when you purchase the kit.

Now for some layouts for inspiration.

The CT found plenty of car related things to scrap.  Even car trouble.  :(  Let’s hope I don’t need the kit for THAT!!!

And now for the freebies:

In the newsletter:  (New subscribers will get the latest newsletter within 24 hours of subscribing…links expire 11.10.15)

Here on the blog.  (click on image to download…links expire 11.10.15)

And this one is in the Facebook fan club.  (links expire 11.10.15)

10.29.15 Too Cute to Spook & 4 Freebies! | Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Hey Scrappers!

My son wanted to be a mummy for Halloween this year.  He figured out in his little 5 year old mind that all I needed was a roll of toilet paper to make his costume.  :)  And THAT was the inspiration for my newest kit:  Too Cute to Spook!

This word art is Free w/Purchase of the Kit.

You can save time & money by purchasing the Bundle.  The Bundle is temporarily priced lower to reflect the fact that the stitches, borders, and washi are free this week.  Next week the price will go back up.
Nutshell:  If you want the cards or Mummy Alpha, get the bundle & skip chasing the freebies (they are in there)  If you don’t want the cards or the Mummy Alpha, get the kit and chase the freebies.  :)

Now… For the fantastic FREEBIES.  Newsletter subscribers get these fabulous borders.  (new subscribers will be sent the most recent edition of the newsletter within 24 hours of subscribing)

Here on the blog are these fantastic stitches.  Click on the image to download.

Then head on over to Chelle’s Facebook Fan Page to pick up this washi tape.

PS.  He didn’t dress as a mummy.  But we found a mummy/zombie costume that he liked.  No masks at the church party tonight, so I painted one on for him:

10.16.15 Friday Freebie! Military Clusters!! | Digital Scrapbooking FREEBIES

Hello Friends!

It’s time for another Friday Freebie! Jenn J made us digital scrapbooking cluster flowers using Chelle’s 3 military kits. Wide Blue Yonder (Air Force), Rolling Along (Army) & Anchors Aweigh (Navy). I love to see Jenn’s freebies this time of year because I know she will do something military for our digital scrapbooking layouts for Veteran’s Day here in the US. I am so grateful for our military and the service they provide.

Here’s the FREEBIE!


Here are links to the Military Kits and Military Bundle.

cc_militarybundle cc_military_wa-01

xctmpn6lLGC cc_rollingalong_kit


Take a look through all the military kits. I bet you’ll find something you can use for your military-style layouts!




9.30.2015 Selfies & 2 FREE Alphas | The Digital Media Scrapper

Hello Friends!

Selfies are everywhere! We all take those serious, silly, funny, and creative selfies. Then there are the selfie sticks. I think getting as many people in your selfie is almost like seeing how many kids you could cram in a Volkswagen Bug 20-30 years ago. We wanted to encourage you to scrap your selfies so Chelle is offering 4 different colors of her SO Selfie Alphabets for FREE. So..show us your selfie side!



by Sari