Stripes to Plaid in 60 Seconds

Hello, hello! Hope you are all doing well this week! It is now October, and I’m in denial that summer has ended, fall has arrived, and this year is flying by! Things go SO fast! It’s Jenn, jk703, here today to bring you another fast tutorial and east technique! You will learn how to go from Stripes to Plaid in 60 Seconds or less! :P

Ready, Set, oh wait… I’ve grabbed a striped paper from Chelle’s Toil and Trouble Kit. Such a versatile kit, even with the strong colors!

Open a striped paper in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.


Next, create a duplicate striped layer paper. Right click, choose Duplicate Layer. You can rename if you want, but that step doesn’t need to be done.



With the duplicate striped paper layer selected, choose Edit > Transform > Rotate 90* CW or CCW. This will turn the paper once to one of the sides, so the stripes will now go opposite the original paper.


Here is what my paper layers look like in the Layers Palette.


Now, again with the duplicate striped paper layer selected, try out all the different Blend Modes. Here is what you might see:





Now, that is like pressing the “That was easy” button. lol! Here is what the CT came up with… and their awesome pages! Christine (CarolinaScrapper) created this page using Toil and Trouble, and made the plaid paper. Looks like a lighter opacity of the Multiply Blend Mode. :)


Kimberly (enjoyyourpix) created a wonderful winter wonderland page! Look at those mountains! She used Chelle’s ledger paper to make her plaid paper, as well as the Northern Magic Bundle for her page!. She blended it to the solid purple paper in the kit and rotated it 45 degrees. Cool right? You can always use any grid or ledger paper to make plaids.


Super easy to go from Stripes to Plaid in 60 Seconds! What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by!


Roller Coasters & Cotton Candy & 3 FREEBIES | Digital Scrapbook Freebies

Hey Scrappers,

October 1st!!!!  This year is just zooming right by!  My little guy helped Grandpa & Grandma set up some Halloween decorations tonight.  He was so EXCITED!  I love this holiday season/time of the year.  So many memories I want to savor & remember.  Don’t forget to grab that camera even if it IS the same activity you did last year!  Like going to the amusement park.  We do it every year…which reminds me of my new collection:

Buy the kit, get the RCCC Word Art FREE through 10.10.14

Don’t forget the coupon:

Here are some layout ideas for you.

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All About…Teenagers | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hi Everyone!

I was thinking this week about digital scrapbooking for teens. I’ve seen a lot of posts that fir the “All About” theme, but what about your teens? Or what about you as a teenager? Here are some I thought of.

  1. Boys/Girls
  2. Prom
  3. Sports (girls or guys)
  4. Music
  5. Church
  6. School or College
  7. Cars
  8. Learning to Drive
  9. Color Cosmetics (makeup)
  10. Taking my girl for a drive
  11. Skin Care (zits, pimples)

You get the idea. Here’s a link to some ideas for teenagers. Let me show you a couple of ideas from Donna & Leslie.

Here’s Leslie’s. An informal approach to the All About idea. Can you image how interesting this will be for his future spouse to read about her “man?”

All About Matthew Teen

Donna used a picture of her friend and brother. A brother who was ALWAYS there. Did you have a tagalong sibling? I did. I was always telling him to go home and leave me alone. Funny though, 35 year’s later, his kids think the stories are hilarious.

Donna Teen

How would you do a All About Teenagers layout?


Unlikely Pairs! Play the Game & Get Your Grill On | Digital Scrapbooking Kit Combinations

Hello Friends! What does digital scrapboking with  Play the Game & Get Your Grill On make you think of? Easy for me… TAILGATING. Yummy! Donna & Heather came up with these fantastic layouts. For you friends that live outside the US. Tailgating is what happens for several hours or even a day prior to a major College or Professional sporting event. I associate it mostly with Football (the US Football not soccer.) Tailgating doesn’t have to be for football. It can be for any sport. I think the weather or time of year makes Football the sport that fits the best!



Let’s see what the ladies came up with. Donna made this layout showing how her family tailgates for Pittsburg Steeler game. Love those shirts they are wearing.


Have a great day.


9.29 Video Tutorial: Internal Shadows

Have you every wanted to make something appear as if you cut out a section and the bottom layer was showing through? Drop shadows are great for adding realism to your page but for the cut out look, a drop shadow just wouldn’t work. Chelle of Chelle’s Creations has a video tutorial that demonstrates how to use internal shadows to achieve the cut out look without having to cut anything out.

Now let’s take a look at how Chelle’s creative team used this technique on their own pages.

Christine (Carolina Scrapper) added the internal shadows to both of the monster’s mouth as well as her title. Isn’t her page just too cute? She used Street Smarts {reloaded} and Make-a-Monster to create her page.

I love how Helen (winipeg1) combined Mickey Mouse Club March {Sampler} and Movie Night along with the Make-a-Monster pieces to create her page. The color combination of these kits are perfect for her Elmo loving little one.

Here is a page that I (Sagediva2) created. I used the Street Smarts {bundle} with a template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs.

Chelle’s video tutorial uses the Make-a-Monster pieces. Head over to her store to check it out and see what other fabulous goodies she has.

Aren’t those monsters just so cute? Be sure to try this technique with them the next time you use them.

Chelle Scraps! | Digital Scrapbooking Ideas & Inspiration

Wonder what Chelle’s been digital scrapbooking?


Chelle used Rainbow Neutrals alpha (retired) , Button Me Up (retired) & a paper from Falling 4 U.




Chelle used Curled Frames, Rainbow Reds Alpha (retired) & CU Sweater Bits.

cc_curledframes.jpg   cc_CU_sweaterbits_preview-01


Chelle used Curled Frames & Falling 4 U Bundle.

cc_curledframes.jpg   cc_falling4u_bundle


Chelle used Curled Frames, Choo Choo (retired), Falling 4 U Bundle, Out of this World Bundle, Roller Coasters & Cotton Candy, & See Clearly Now {Alpha}.

cc_curledframes.jpg   cc_falling4u_bundle  cc_outofthisworld_bundle   cc_rollercoasters   cc_seeclearlynow_alpha

Wow, Huh?


Persnickity Prints Semi-Annual Sale | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hello Scrappers!

You’ve probably heard me rant and rave about the quality of prints you get from Persnickety.  Just amazing.  I’m always amazed at how FAST they are at getting my prints to me!  So you can start uploading your layouts now…OR you can buy “print credits”.  Get the sale price by paying now, but upload when you are ready.  If you need a Christmas gift idea, print one of your favorite layouts and frame it. Done. Persnickety Prints Semi-Annual Sale starts Saturday!


1st Annual Save Your Photo’s Day | Digital Scrapbooking Public Service Announcement

Did you Save your Photos?”

What is Save Your Photos Day?
Save Your Photos Day is a global event intended to educate the public about the importance of safeguarding their treasured photos. As digital media continues to expand, we can not keep up.  Most of us have not developed a system to organize, preserve, and display our printed and digital photos.  We are literally drowning in a sea of photos.  Unfortunately, in the digital age we live in, it does not just take an event such as a tornado, flood or fire to wipe out our cherished memories. A crashed hard drive, lost cell phone or misplaced SD card can have the same impact on your photos and treasured memorabilia as a flood or tornado.  We want to help you prepare before disaster strikes! Save Your Photos Day is open to anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about safeguarding their photos and treasured memorabilia.
When is Save Your Photos Day?
The first annual Save Your Photos Day is September 27th.  There are currently 59 Save Your Photos Day free events planned in 25 states, 3 countries and it’s still growing!  There is also a free online class available to those that can not attend a local event. To find a local event if your area or to sign up for the free online class go to
Imagine how great it would feel if you and all of your loved ones had peace of mind that all of your photos were safeguarded from natural disasters and hard drive failures!

The Way Too Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorial

Hi Everyone! This is Jenn, jk703, here to make a favorite technique super duper easy for you to add to your layouts. I’ve seen watercoloring around and there are so many steps and it takes me too long. When that happens, I don’t want to add that technique to my pages, it ends up being too much work! So… I’ve found another way to watercolor – The Way Too Easy Watercolor Painting Tutorial! :P

My layout uses the kit that Chelle created for The Daily Digi: Roller Coasters & Cotton Candy.  For the brushes, I’ve used Chelle’s CU Watercolor Brushes.  These brushes are perfect for also adding a painted spot on busy patterns for journaling. :)
First things first. Open a paper that you plan to watercolor your image onto. Then on top of that paper place a copy of a photo.


Here is what my layers look like:


With the photo selected, click on Layer > Layer Mask > Hide All.


A mask will appear next to your photo in the Layers Palette. Change the Blend mode to Multiply – or whatever works well with your photo to allow a little texture of the paper to come through, and help it blend a little with the paper.


Next, choose the brush tool from the Tools. I’ve got Chelle’s watercolor brushes loaded and I’m ready to paint. If you need to load a brush, you can click on the little circle with the arrow pointing right and choose Load Brushes. Otherwise, you can use any type of brushes that you have or that come with Photoshop.

You will want to use a few different brushes, and different sizes. All of the brushes that I used were a 0% hardness. When painting on the mask, paint with white, and I change the opacity of the brushwork as you paint. If it is too light, you can re-do, but we can also try to fix it in the end. Keep reading! :)


After I’ve played around and brushed my mask, this is what my page looks like so far. Not bad with a few brushstrokes!


Next, if your painted image is too light, just duplicate with image/mask layer. Then you can lower the opacity based on the look of your image.


Here is my darkened, double photo/mask.


That’s it. Really, only a handful of steps for a great watercolored look!

Here’s my final layout:


Here is what the CT came up with… some fantastic pages! Jenn (jennschultz) created a lovely waterside page. She used Anchor’s Away and Chelle’s Watercolor Brushes.



Melissa (pretty peaches) created this cool page of her son. She used CU Watercolor Brushes and Hard Hat.


Krista also made a super beautiful fall page for this tutorial! She used Falling 4 You.



Hoping you guys find this tutorial as easy as I did! We would love to see your pages i the ScrapPin Gallery! Thanks for stopping by!!