Classics: At the Park

Chelle’s Creations has a perfect digital scrapbooking kit for your playground memories. It’s full of her unique felt creations of slides, jungle gyms, and swings but also has lots of banners, bright patterned papers, ribbons, and buttons for use on a wide variety of pages. Today, I want to show you a couple of pages from the Creative Team made from At the Park. The pages are so completely different, if I didn’t know better, I would think they used two completely different kits.

First, Kimberly used At the Park and a Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs template to record her memories of her teenage daughter taking a break with friends at a park. She also used Chelle’s Me and My Shadow styles for her layout as well as copying and pasting the styles from Cheryl’s Fuss Free template. They coordinate nicely. Most of her shadows are 45 degrees; however, for the main photo, she selected the -43 paper/photo style in Me and My Shadow to help give the photo a little more dimension on her page. Me and My Shadow is a great tool when you scrap in newer versions of Photoshop Elements since the program tries to apply a global shadow direction. The styles let you better customize your shadows on your layout and comes with 45, -43, and 120 degree shadow directions in 11 different settings from staples to large, bulky flowers. 2013_11-13_Field-TripSO_BeachFun_tp4_fdd_zpsf2678eb7

Now contrast Kimberly’s page with Helen’s shown below. She also used At the Park but chose the papers and elements in the bright reds and yellows with just a hint from the blues in the kit. Her page is simply a recording of a happy memory and really isn’t about a visit to a park at all. But, the bright happy colors convey well the happiness of her little one’s giggle and help to present the cheerful attitude throughout the entire page.  at-the-park-classics

I hope you are inspired to scrap a happy memory today, and maybe even use At the Park. Don’t have it? You can find this kit in the market by clicking on the preview image below. cc_atthepark

Gallery Stand Out | Digital Scrapbooking Fantastic Layouts

Hello Friends!

Check out these FANTASTIC digital scrapbooking layouts I found in the SO Pin Gallery. So many wonderful digital scrapbooking layouts to choose from. Love to say all the Iron Scrapper samplers being used.

Our first one is by Amy Coffeept. She used Tutu Cute & TuTu Cute Add-on. Chelle’s Tutu Cute products are retired.
cc_tutu_cute_preview      cc_tutu_cute_addon_preview


This layout is by Ashley Williams.  She used Movie Night & Movie Night Alpha.
cc_movienight      cc_movienight_ap


Here’s a layout by Cmtscrap. She used CU Funky Chunky Alpha Doodles, CU Leaves 2, & Anchor’s Away. cc_CU_funkychunky_ad     CU Leaves 2     cc_anchorsaway


Finally I have a layout by TiffanyScraps. She used Bug Town {Bundle}


Have a great day!

Put A Ring On It, Zoo Crew {Arctic} & CU Chunky Monkey Alpha Doodles Playdate | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Reivew

Hello Everyone!

Chelle has some great new products this week. Put A Ring On It & PU A Ring On It Alpha as her Week 4 Iron Scrapper releases. Then there’s the Zoo Crew {Arctic} & Zoo Crew {Arctic} Alpha. It has some amazing blue and grey tones that you will love to add to your digital scrapbooking layouts. For our CU friends, we offer CU Chunky Monkey Alpha Doodles.

Here we go! Are there wedding bells in your past, present, or future? Always a bridesmaid but never a bride?  Need to create the perfect “Save the Date”?  Put A Ring On It sampler has all of the significant wedding icons in trendy grays and soft pinks to help you scrap that special day.  Your memories will be on the road to wedded bliss!


Here’s the coordinating alpha.


Here’s some layouts from our talented creative team.

Take a walk on the wild side with ZOO CREW {ARCTIC}. ZOO CREW {Arctic} & it’s coordinating Alpha is like trekking around the frozen tundra: polar bears, penguins, moose, puffins, seals, walruses, huskies & arctic foxes. Perfect for that school report, a trip to the zoo, a wintery day, or a vacation in your favorite magical place. Here’s something I didn’t realize. All ZOO CREW products are created with a coordinating color palette so you can mix and match to your hearts desire.


These alphas are to die for!


Our creative team made a big splash with these layouts.

Add CU Chunky Monkey AD with a hand cut feel to your newest designs.  These alpha doodles in a variety of styles will make it super easy for you to create the perfect alpha for your next kit…and the next…and the next.


One last thing, don’t forget our FREEBIE created by our good friend, Roxana. She used Bluebird on my Shoulder. Click on the image for more indormation.

BOMS_clusterfreebie_preview_DbR cc_bluebird-01


7.24 Tutorial: Heat Embossing

7.24 Tutorial: Heat Embossing

Hi Everyone! This is Jenn, aka jk703 here for today’s Tutorial: Heat Embossing. Hope you are all doing great! I’m on vacation and hanging out in the lovely state of Vermont with family and friends! I’m so happy!

Have you ever paper scrapped and stamped? If so, this is a super easy technique that we are replicating – heat embossing. Heat embossing is usually an inked stamp on paper, embossing powder sprinkled all over that stamp so it adheres. Then you would use a heat tool to heat the powder, and it melts to become a smooth, yet dimensional image.

Here’s how we can get that same look digitally! For my example, I used Chelle’s Zoo Crew Safari and Jungle Kit. For the other item examples, Jump Zone and At The Beach. Unfortunately, this tutorial isn’t easily copied in Photoshop Elements BUT I’m testing out a style that you guys could download In the future!

Here is the bubble Wrap straight as it looks from the kit. We will be adding a lot of styles and settings to make the embossed look.

First, I add a little shadow to the bubbles. Normally, when I’ve used a heat tool with embossing powder, it raises the image, and then it will leave a slight shadow. Here are my settings:

The next part that I will change my settings for is the Bevel and Emboss. I’ve chosen the Inner Style Bevel. Here is an explanation of the different choices:
Outer Bevel: Applies the bevel to the outside of the shape
Inner Bevel: Applies the bevel to the inside of the shape
Emboss: Applies the bevel to both the outside, and the inside of the shape
Pillow Emboss: Applies the bevel to both the outside and inside of the shape, but in opposite directions
Stroke Emboss: Only works when you also have a stroke effect applied to your layer, and applies the bevel only to the stroke

I also have chosen a Smooth Technique. An explanation of these techniques:
Smooth: Smooth, rounded edge bevel
Chisel Hard: Hard, chiseled edge bevel
Chisel Soft: Rough, chiseled edge bevel

The others are dependent on what you are doing. Depth, would be how large of a bevel and emboss you would like. The direction would let you decide if you want it to come toward you, or away from you, more like raised or pressed from the paper. Size allows you to determine how much of the effect is seen – subtle or more dramatic. Soften slider determines how soft the edges are.

My depth of 150%, Up Direction, Size of 10 pixels, softened to 5 pixels.

Below the Structure Box is the Shading Box. The Angle and Altitude work with your lighting and shadows. The Global Light check will match it to other settings that you have in the file. The Gloss Contour can create fun and interesting effects. A linear contour creates more natural looking effects, while choosing something like the sine wave contour can create reflective effects. Anti Alias means it will smooth out any jaggies in the gloss. The Highlight Color may usually be white, but you can change it up depending on the light source that will highlight the item. Similar for shadows and the Shadow Mode.

My settings for this are 90 degree Angle, with a 30 degree Altitude, and Global Light is checked off. The Gloss Contour is the diagonal line – aka Linear. The Highlight Mode is Screen, with 50% Opacity, and a color of #f1e9d4. The Shadow Mode is Multiply at 25% Opacity and the color #000000.


Under the Contour sub menu of Bevel and Emboss, you can choose what count our you like. It is easier for you to play with this setting than it is for me to actually give you a good description. Give each a try.

Here is the Half Round Contour.

Next up is Texture. Adding a little texture allows you to mimic what the embossing powder does when heated and then when it dries. It does not dry smooth always, may have slight bumps and give the appearance of rises and ridges. Here are my settings with the Bubble Texture.

Here is another one, called Rust Flakes.

That is pretty much it. You play with the settings and when you like on, save it. You can just click then and it will be done! This technique can also be applied to other elements and things. Alphas even look good with a little Bevel and Contour.



Here is the footprint from At The Beach - with a paper clipped to it. Then I copied the settings on the paint above, and this is what it looked like.

Here is a star element from Jump Zone.


Some other tips:
Bevel and Emboss effects can be applied to text layers as well as shape layers.
Many times, the shape of the Bevel is determined by the Contour you choose, and the Smooth Technique that you choose.
When you’re applying a Texture to a Bevel and Emboss, you can Link with Layer checkbox, which lets you move the Texture and layer in complete together.

Kayla (keepscrappin) found this work around for Photoshop Elements – Thank you Kayla!  Since PSE doesn’t have all the options you had, she did a simple inner bevel on the alpha and the floral border. She then modified the bevel down to 10 pixels, simplified the layer and then added the drop shadows. Kayla used Boho Summer and modified a LGFD template.


Look at that smiling face! I love the blend of background paper into the photo – it is perfect! I think it does give it the raised effect,  but not totally sure if it looks embossed with a heat tool. What you do all think?

I hope you give it a try and remember to play with the settings! Have a great week! Thanks for visiting!


Put a Ring On It & Zoo Crew {Arctic} | Digital Scrapbook Inspiration

Hey Scrappers,

It’s the final week of the Iron Scrapper competition.  There is still time to enter.  You can find the details in the Iron Scrapper Forum.  As part of Iron Scrapper, I have 2 mini kits this week.  The Put a Ring on it Sampler which is perfect for the photos from our oldest son’s wedding two summers ago:  (Hey, I should get scrapping…)

And Zoo Crew {arctic}.  My youngest son’s favorite animal at the zoo was the polar bear.  He followed it (watching through the windows) as it went inside & outside & inside & outside.  I may have eventually dragged him away.  LOL!  In fact he liked it so much he chose the polar bear when we rode on the zoo carousel.   Needing a polar bear is what inspired me to create this next installment in my Zoo Crew collection.  Check it out below.

If you purchase 4 or more of the products in this week’s Iron Scrapper Collection, they will be discounted 50% OFF PLUS you will also get the amazing Iron Scrapper Week FOUR add-on for FREE!

Here are some layout ideas for you.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!  Another way you can earn entries in the prize drawings is scrapping with Fresh Fruit = new stuff I release each week.  Here’s my fresh fruit for this 4th week:  (Note:the Iron Scrapper Samplers are NOT fresh fruit)


AND if you buy ZOO CREW (ARCTIC) before 7.31, you will automatically receive ZOO CREW ARCTIC {Alpha} for FREE.

Here’s a layout and some close-ups for ZOO CREW {Arctic}.

Scrap Skills: A Strong Focal Point

Creating a strong focal point on a digital scrapbooking page is extremely important, for without some variation of emphasis, a reader might get lost and miss the purpose of the page. Since we create scrapbook pages to record precious memories, it would be a shame to confuse those for whom we have saved our memories. Debbie Hodge says that emphasis is all about contrast, and it can be achieved in a variety of ways. Take a look at a couple of examples from Chelle’s Creative Team members.

Jennifer used Chelle’s Boho Summer minikit and matching alpha to make a whimsical page using one large, humorous photo. She double framed the photo and created a cluster around it to draw the eye towards the photo. The cluster and single photo contrast with the plain wooden background, and it would be hard to miss Jennifer’s focal point on this page. web_smile

Melissa used Bug Town minikit and alpha to create a double page. She explained, “Since this page has very similar looking photos in each photo spot, I wanted to draw attention to the one I liked best. So I enlarged the photo and really zoomed in. To help keep the focal point on the enlarged photo (since its a 2pager) I cropped the size of all the accompanying photos. And I also kept the all the photos more zoomed out to keep the focus on my main photo.” She also kept the double page layout balanced and added chevrons to help the flow of the layout. Here’s her double page spread followed by the left and right halves separately for ease in viewing. like-clockwork_zps9c1dfe20like-clockworkLS_zps9915b948like-clockworkRS_zps89341476

Remember to keep in mind contrasting elements to bring a strong focal point to your next digital scrapbooking page.


7.21 Video Tutorial: Photo Collages

Photo collages are the perfect way to scrap when you have a lot of photos of one event. They let you get a page complete in a short amount of time and allow you the flexibility to embellish a little or a lot. Chelle has a video tutorial sharing how easy it is to create a layout with her college templates (Collage Templates {square} and Collage Templates {long}).

Now let’s get inspired by the work of Chelle’s talented group of ladies.

Carol (Iowan) created this stunning 4th of July layout. I really like the way she made the title of the page large and really stand out. For this layout she used the mini kit, Liberty, and the the Liberty {word art}.

Using the Game On kit, Roxana (roxanamdm) created this fun layout. I love the way she uses the word bits on the different pictures.

I start to drool every time I look at Jenn’s (jennschultz) page. She does a fantastic job combining the different pattern papers on her page. For her page she used Lovin’ from the Oven.

This tutorial and sample pages feature these products:

Try out scrapping with the collage templates today to get a page done in a flash.