Great Outdoors Playdate | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Review

Hello Friends!

Chelle released a wonderful new digital scrapbooking great outdoorsy kit this week. Take a peek. If you buy the kit, you get the word art FREE! Of course we also have a bonus alpha. Camping, hiking, fishing, or glamping, this kit has everything you need to savor those camping memories.



If you are receiving Chelle’s Newsletter, or if you check out Chelle’s Creation’s Blog, and Facebook Fan Page, you’ll see some other goodies available that were FREE! {No links here, sorry}

Here are some layouts from our {very} creative team.

layouts 3 by 3.200.

Summer Rewind

We’re in the midst of the Summer Rewind Sale at Scrap Orchard. If you missed some of Chelle’ releases, go check out the Summer Rewind Specialty Store at Scrap Orchard. Spend $15 and you get the Big Screen {Kit} & Big Screen {Add On}. I love Chelle’s Alphas. If you pick up the Big Screen Kit & Big Screen Add-On,  it includes 2 new alphas, papers, stitches & washi tape. Keep an eye out. Make sure you get yours today. {No links here, you get them FREE when you spend $15.}

cc_bigscreen_ap - Copy

bigscreen papers300cc_bigscreen_wash.300i

For our CU Friends, we have CU Rose Gold {Trims.} I’m predicting we’ll see more of this trend in the upcoming fall and holiday season: rose gold. A marriage of gold and Panatone’s color of the year: Marsala, it’s more pink than a traditional copper. Don’t believe me? Just google “rose gold nail polish” My florist daughter says if they spray the vase rose gold, the arrangement runs right out the door. They are getting more requests to add rose gold to bridal arrangements. I’m sure it’s also popping up in home decor. With fall on the way, here’s a handful of foiled ribbons & trims in rose gold.


Have a great weekend!

by Sari


Kids Were Here! | Digital Scrapbooking Tip of the Week Classics


Chelle wrote this tip in March of 2015. I thought it was a timely reminder as we busy Mom’s try to keep it all together. as Summer ends  and we try to get everything coordinated for Back 2 School. Take a deep breath, you can keep up.

(Disclaimer! I recognize that not all of my scrapping friends fit in this category, but I think it is important for the ones that do.)  (Yes, those are bits of fluorescent pink play dough mixed into the Legos. SIGH!)

“My house stays clean for 5 minutes if I’m lucky.  This morning I picked up a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy and my son said “He was eating a cookie.”  I guess that explains why the one arm is covered in chocolate.  Crumbs. Sticky. Broken. Dirty. EVERYWHERE.  Recently I stumbled on a website where photographers are embracing this phase of their lives:  Kids Were Here.  I really support the idea of taking a step back and relishing this season through photographing evidence that the kids were here.  My youngest daughter turned 18 yesterday.  My youngest son will start school this fall.  I know all too well that this season is fleeting even if the mountains of laundry try to persuade me otherwise.  I’m taking the challenge of documenting the Kids Were Here.  I would encourage you to do the same.”

Chelle has a super bundle called Master Builder that works well with building blocks. Take a look!




Great Outdoors & 3 FREEBIES | Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Hey Scrappers!

Hard to believe that summer is wrapping up, but here we are with the Summer Rewind Sale!

Summer is super busy, so if you missed any of my summer releases, here’s your chance to snag them at the new release 20% off price.

Check out those TWO Free with purchase deals!

And FINALLY making it’s debut:  Great Outdoors:

BUY THE KIT, get the WORD ART FREE through 9.2

Check out these amazing layouts from our creative team.


And now…those 3 freebies:

First  in the newsletter:  New subscribers will get the latest version of the newsletter within 24 hours of Subscribing.

Click on image to download.  Download links expire 9.2.15

Here on the blog we have the stitches:

Click on image to download.  Download links expire 9.2.15

Finally in the Facebook Fan club:

Click on image to download.  Download links expire 9.2.15

Shadowing 101

One of the most important features of a digital scrapbooking page must surely be the shadows. If done well, a digital scrapbooking page can be so realistic you find yourself touching the print to feel the edges of the photos layered on the page. Luckily, Chelle has a product in the market that helps with shadows. It’s called Me and My Shadow and it works with PSE, PS and programs that use .asl style files. But what if you don’t have those programs for your scrapping? Never fear: I’ll show you an example from Jan who uses Artisan 4 (same as SBC 4.0), but I’ll also show you an example from Kayla who can and does use Chelle’s shadow styles with PSE. They each have some great tips for us regarding shadowing.

First, here’s Jan’s page. She used from the In the Pocket bundle and Down on the Farm and In the Backyard. Take a look at how realistic her layers are. Here’s what she had to say about how she manipulates the shadow settings in Artisan 4 to get that look. “I usually start with the smaller shadow (Depth 0.9; Softness 0.7) for my papers and other lower-level/layer elements that I don’t want to focus on, for I want them to look like they are laying flat down on a surface, rather than ready to fly off the page. I use the higher-level shadow (Depth 2; Softness 2) for those elements I want to stand out a bit more, like photos, elements that are laying on top of photos, and the like. I will play with the settings a bit for fun, or to make things look a bit more realistic. For example, I set the shadow for the stitches at Depth 0.3; Softness 0.1, to make them look like they are actually stitched onto the page. And I wanted to draw more attention to the title and the framed photo, so I set them at Depth 2.5; Softness 2.5. The butterfly is set at Depth 3; Softness 3. I typically don’t use anything higher than that because I don’t want anything to look like its floating away on it’s own! And I didn’t shadow the text part of my title for I wanted it to look like I wrote it on the page.” cw sm

Next, Kayla used Chelle’s shadow styles along with Pajama Party Sampler 1 and Pajama Party Sampler 2. Her shadows definitely make the page look 3-dimensional, don’t they? In addition to using Chelle’s preset shadow styles, she has another great time-saving tip – copy and paste the shadow styles for similar layers. She explains, “For example I added the desired shadow style to one of the letters in my title and then right clicked on that letter in the layers panel and selected copy layer style. Then, I highlighted the rest of the letters and right clicked on the layers panel and selected paste layer style. That gave me instant shadowing for my title. I did the same for all my paper layers to quickly shadow my layout.”  CurlyGirlie_Apr13_web

Maybe you have a time-saving tip you could share. Leave us all a comment below.


Perfect Pairs! Puppy Love & Cat’s Meow | Digital Scrapbooking Kit Combinations

Hi! Oh my goodness! Have you seen how adorable Chelle’s July 2015 {digital scrapbooking} releases of Puppy Love & Cat’s Meow? Talk about easy kits to combine. The color’s aren’t exactly the same, but they still work well together.

First I’ll show you Lisa’s layout. I”m not usually a “brown” person but I really like Lisa use of it in this layout.


Then here’s a layout from Karen. Isn’t is great that we can all scrap all the members of our family? (Especially the animal ones)


This layout is by Krista. She has a double page layout. Her photos are fantastic!


Here are the kits & Alphas.

cc_puppylove  cc_puppylove_ap  cc_catsmeow  cc_catsmeow_ap

Love these alphas? They are a part of Chelle’s CU products. Here you go.  CU Cool Cat Alpha Doodles. She has a tutorial on her website explaining how to use her alpha doodles. Just a thought, maybe you are looking to expand your mad digital scrapbooking skills.





Gallery Stand Outs | Digital Scrapbooking Fantastic Layouts

Hello Friends!

Just saw a fun digital scrapbooking layout in the pin gallery at Scrap Orchard. This fantastic layout was created by GmaMary23. She included some fantastic metal pieces in her layout. I really like the way she did her clustering on the bottom page as well. Thinking of a scraplift? She used Out of this World {Bundle}. Congrats Mary on a beautiful layout!



I started looking at other layouts and before I knew it, I had found another amazing layout to share. This one is by Cmtscrap.QuitBugginMe

Charlene used Chelle’s Bug Town Collection & CU Dotty Patterns.

cc_bugtown_bundle  cc_BugTown_JC  cc_bugtown_IL  cc_CU_dotty_patterns

I linked all the products up for you in Chelle’s store. Enjoy!


CU Shazam Playdate & Great Outdoors Sneaky Peek | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Review

Hello Friends!

Got a couple of quick things to share with you today.  First Chelle released a new fantastic Alpha Doodle this week to add to her collection, CU Shazam Alpha Doodles. I love all those fun angles and curves. Retro is hot and this alpha is the perfect fit for the retro style.   Add a hand drawn feel to your layouts.  These alpha doodles in a variety of styles will make it super easy for you to create the perfect alpha for your layout.
Our Creative Team usually does layouts for our personal use products, not so much for the commercial use things, but I put the word out asking if anyone had used Shazam in a layout. Krista quickly did this layout for us.
What to use the Alpha Doodles? Here’s a link to a tutorial.
Earlier this week (in our newsletter), Chelle gave us a hint of what’s to come next week.
GreatOutdoors ad
Start thinking about ways you can use Chelle’s new collection now.
great outdoors clay

If you didn’t play twister with us, you may not have seen this alpha that coordinates with this collection.
Great Oudoors Bonus Alphabmp
Make sure you stop by Chelle’s store next week for this new collection.
Talk to you soon!


8.20 Video Tutorial: Resize Larger Action

Do you have older photos that you scanned or photos taken on your phone that you would love to use on layouts but they are just too small? You’ve tried just dragging to make them larger but they get distorted and grainy. Today I’m here to share with you a video on how to use to an action Chelle of Chelle’s Creations created that helps resize photos with the least amount of quality loss. Better yet Chelle is offering this action to you for FREE on her blog. Watch how to use this action below.

Now that you have seen how to use this action, head on over to the blog to pick it up. You can get it here.

Thanks so much for joining us for this tutorial. I hope it this tip allows you to use some of those older scanned photos on your layouts.