11.25.15 FORTY items for just $1 – this weekend only + THREE FREEBIES | Digital Scrapbook Freebie

Hey Scrappers,

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you celebrating in the USA.  Happy Thursday to everyone else.  :)

It is one of the most exciting weekends in the digital scrapbook world.  TWENTY items for just ONE DOLLAR

I have 3 NEW items (I’ll get to those in a few minutes) and 17 old favorites…CLICK ON THE IMAGE to take a closer look!

NEW NEW NEW!  Did you see those first 3?  Here they are up close and personal.
I’m not sure why I love pink in a Christmas kit…maybe it stems back to my childhood.  My mother always wanted to have a “fancy” tree.  Her first one was a white plastic tree which she filled to the brim with PINK lights and decorations.  She now has 3 trees, and there is still a pink tree at her house.
Whatever the reason, it was the perfect color scheme to create the much requested Nutcracker themed mini-kit.

And the alpha.  SWOON!  I love the quirky formality of this alpha.  I can tell it’s going to be used over and over again.

AND…every year I make an end of year blocked template with the numbers of that year.  But I get requests for other years…and birthday years…and…  This year I decided to do all of the numbers.  They are each sized approximately 6 inches wide by 10 inches tall, so 2 numbers fit perfectly side by side on a layout, or 4 numbers across a double layout spread.  Now you can use them for birthdays, graduations, reunions…whatever numerical memories you have.

And now for the freebies!

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11.24.15 O Holy Night

Have you thought about making a Christmas card this year? Making a digital card with Chelle’s Classic kit O Holy Night is as easy as 1-2-3. First, you’ll need the kit. Second, you’ll need the word art. Finally, you’ll need a cute family snapshot. You can make your creation digitally and then order custom cards printed at any number of retail printers.

Karen has a digital scrapbooking page to show us that she made with O Holy Night and the coordinating word art. I love what she did with the hint of sheet music in the cluster of elements around her frame. Take a look!  fdd_ffMM3_tp3_600

Now take a second look back at her page. I think her layout would make a fantastic Christmas card to send out to her friends and family. She could switch out the photo with one from the current year and change the date on the page, then crop the entire page to whatever card size she wanted and she would have a professional card for the year, custom made.

Want to play? Here’s the kit and the word art in the market.



11.23.15 Gadanke Journaling Method | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hey Friends! Today I want to share a digital scrapbooking journaling method that Chelle told me about.  It’s called Gadanke.  Check out Katie Clemons web site and ideas.

Here’s a quote from Katie’s Gadanke Website.

“Here’s my secret 5-step formula for writing a quick, in-depth journal entry.

I know. You wouldn’t think “quick” and “in-depth” could come together. So hear me out. Watch this 5-minute workshop and try the exercise a couple of times. You’ll be cranking out these insightful little entries faster than you can turn the calendar to next week’s workshop. ”

In this workshop video, I’m using:

Now let me show you what Donna created using the Gadanke journaling method.


Donna used Great Outdoors in this layout.




11.19.15 Video Tutorial: Recoloring with a Color Fill

I know I love Chelle’s kit and all the fun elements she includes such as bubble wrap, rub-on, hand drawn scatters and doodles. There are times though, that a theme of a kit works perfectly for a set of photos I have but the colors are little off. I’m here today to share with you a trick of Chelle’s on how to recolor those flat objects found within her kit. Take a look at the video to see how.

Being able to recolor some of the elements opens up a wide variety of things you can do. Let’s take a look at Chelle’s CT member Kayla (keepscrappin) and see what she does.

For her layout Kayla used the Hard Hat Required kit and Hard Hat Required {alpha} with a template by Fiddle-Dee-Dee. Kayla wanted the bubble wrap from the kit to be black as well as the stamped design on the template to be black. She followed Chelle’s steps and this layout is her outcome.

Did you love the kit used in the video? Head over to her store to check it out and see all the other terrific creations that are in there.

If you create a page using this video technique or any of Chelle’s products be sure to share them in the Scrap Orchard gallery. We love seeing what you create. Happy scrapping!

11.17.15 Perfect Pairs! Master Builder & Jump Zone | Digital Scrapbooking Kit Combinations

Hey Everyone! Are you familiar with Chelle’s digital scrapbooking collections, Master Builder and Jump Zone? Let me give you a peek of the 2 collections. But don’t forget to check out Karen’s layout below.
Here are the coordinating products.
cc_jumpzone_apcc_jumpzone_wa cc_jumpzone_IL cc_jumpzone_JC
Here’s a layout by Karen. I soooo love this layout. Got to say though, I didn’t know there was a duct tape holiday. What a fun use of all the colors. I think Olaf is my favorite duct tape creature.
Enjoy! I love to see what you create. If you make a layout, please post it in the SO pin gallery using #chelle.

11.14.15 Dadgum Alpha & Twister Layouts | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Review

Hello Friends! This week Chelle released a new digital scrapbooking alpha, Dadgum, that coordinates with her Route 66 Collection. Traffic, racing, car repairs, road trips, or that movie-come-to-life amusement park, this alpha is perfect for your automotive pleasure.


Check out this new layout Chelle made at our monthly Scrap Twister Chat.

junkyard jamboree

Here’s a couple of layouts using Route 66 that I didn’t include in last week’s Week In Review posts. The layouts are by Jenn & Karen

jennschultz Karen

Have a great week!


11.11.15 Shooting in the RAW mode | Digital Scrapbooking Words on Wednesday

Hello Friends! I was looking over some of Chelle’s Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials and came across this information about shooting photos in the RAW mode on your camera. I wanted to re-post it to all of our new newsletter subscribers.

Photo Fix Tip:  SHOOT IN RAW!  
The other day I was browsing my pictures from a past July…nighttime shot of playing with sparklers and saw this:

I was so bummed.  You could hardly see anything…and it’s not the first time I’ve messed up the exposure on my dark photos.  FORTUNATELY I’ve learned from my mistakes.  So when I’m shooting in low light situations (or other problematic exposure situations) I change up the settings on my camera.  I “shoot in RAW mode”.  This means instead of saving the photo as a JPEG, it’s saves the photo data in a different way (different camera brands have their own extension…but we’ll call it RAW).  My camera will save it both ways simultaneously, & I like that mode best.

So…I opened up the same RAW photo & tweaked the numbers…mostly the EXPOSURE and got this:

Woot!  So then I created this:

SO…check out your camera manual…learn how to shoot RAW (if your camera can) so the next time you are in the dark & your exposure is off, you can save the photos!

ps.  Why don’t I ALWAYS shoot in RAW?  Well…
#1.  My last camera could either shoot raw OR jpeg (not both), and I could only view the photos if I brought them into the Adobe converter…a LOT of work just to look at my photos.  But now my operating system can preview both jpgs & raw files, so that’s not so much a reason anymore…
#2.  RAW files are relatively HUGE compared to jpegs.  In the picture above, the jpg is 3MB and the raw is 8MB, so when saving both, I was filling up my SD card VERY fast.  Um…I upgraded my SD card (the old one was 5 years old…and it was big back then…) so now that’s not so much of a reason anymore either….
Guess I should switch back to RAW+JPEG again. :)

Our CT Member Jenn J. Tried using the RAW mode with her camera. She used Fleur de Violette.

Jenn J

Now look at how the picture started out.

Jenn RawBad

After the Fix.

Jenn Raw1

Amazing! Try it out if you camera has a RAW mode. It might turn out to be your favorite new way to shoot photos.


by Sari