Scrap Skills: A Strong Focal Point

Creating a strong focal point on a digital scrapbooking page is extremely important, for without some variation of emphasis, a reader might get lost and miss the purpose of the page. Since we create scrapbook pages to record precious memories, it would be a shame to confuse those for whom we have saved our memories. Debbie Hodge says that emphasis is all about contrast, and it can be achieved in a variety of ways. Take a look at a couple of examples from Chelle’s Creative Team members.

Jennifer used Chelle’s Boho Summer minikit and matching alpha to make a whimsical page using one large, humorous photo. She double framed the photo and created a cluster around it to draw the eye towards the photo. The cluster and single photo contrast with the plain wooden background, and it would be hard to miss Jennifer’s focal point on this page. web_smile

Melissa used Bug Town minikit and alpha to create a double page. She explained, “Since this page has very similar looking photos in each photo spot, I wanted to draw attention to the one I liked best. So I enlarged the photo and really zoomed in. To help keep the focal point on the enlarged photo (since its a 2pager) I cropped the size of all the accompanying photos. And I also kept the all the photos more zoomed out to keep the focus on my main photo.” She also kept the double page layout balanced and added chevrons to help the flow of the layout. Here’s her double page spread followed by the left and right halves separately for ease in viewing. like-clockwork_zps9c1dfe20like-clockworkLS_zps9915b948like-clockworkRS_zps89341476

Remember to keep in mind contrasting elements to bring a strong focal point to your next digital scrapbooking page.


7.21 Video Tutorial: Photo Collages

Photo collages are the perfect way to scrap when you have a lot of photos of one event. They let you get a page complete in a short amount of time and allow you the flexibility to embellish a little or a lot. Chelle has a video tutorial sharing how easy it is to create a layout with her college templates (Collage Templates {square} and Collage Templates {long}).

Now let’s get inspired by the work of Chelle’s talented group of ladies.

Carol (Iowan) created this stunning 4th of July layout. I really like the way she made the title of the page large and really stand out. For this layout she used the mini kit, Liberty, and the the Liberty {word art}.

Using the Game On kit, Roxana (roxanamdm) created this fun layout. I love the way she uses the word bits on the different pictures.

I start to drool every time I look at Jenn’s (jennschultz) page. She does a fantastic job combining the different pattern papers on her page. For her page she used Lovin’ from the Oven.

This tutorial and sample pages feature these products:

Try out scrapping with the collage templates today to get a page done in a flash.

Supercali, Movie Night & CU Butterflies Playdate | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Review

Hello Friends!

July is a great month for digital scrapbooking with the Iron Scrapper challenge going on at Scrap Orchard. Have a job that must be done? Need a spoonful of sugar?  Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious {sampler} is the practically perfect solution to your “Mary” memories.  Create precocious layouts of your jolly holiday.  No wonder that it’s digi that we love!. Chelle also made a coordinating alpha, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Sampler Alpha.



Here are some layouts to give you ideas…


She also created Movie Night & Movie Night Alpha which I absolutely LOVE. Date Night…Girls Night Out…or just a cozy night at home for Family Movie Night.  We love movies!  Which means we have many fond ‘movie’ memories.  Embellish your ‘movie’ memories with Movie Night.  Rich colors highlight the fun and excitement of your memories. {Hint. Think. Disney & Mickey Mouse Club March, an earlier release this month.}

Free w/purchase thru 7.23, 11:59 PM EST.

These Movie Night layouts are sure to inspire you.

For our CU peeps we have a ethereal and lovely CU Butterflies. Beautiful butterflies will add a touch of wimsy and beauty to your designs.  These intricate butterflies are crafted from wire, nylon mesh, gems, & glitter.  Includes 4 butterflies in original color and 2 meticulously recolored butterflies.


Stretch Your Stash – Alphas is a You Tube video you can watch. Make all these wonderful alpha’s count.

Stretch Your Stash Alphas.600.

Last we have a FREEBIE to share with you. It comes from our CT, Kayla (KeepScrappin.) Enjoy. She used At the Beach. Click on the image to download the FREEBIE.



Scrapping Every Day! | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hello Friends!

How do you keep up on your scrapping? Leslie, one of our CT Members, provided these bits of wisdom.
“Keeping up with scrapping can be a challenge. And in point of fact, I’m not caught up. Juggling family and a full time job has made my scrapping time difficult to mange. I often feel guilty about spending precious time at my computer and not with my family. But I’ve taken to waking up earlier than I need to to go to work. I’ll fritter on Facebook, read emails, and edit photos to get them ready to scrap. It’s my own little quiet time where it’s just me and my Labrador retriever. Sometimes during my lunch hour, I’ll use Teamviewer to access my home computer and work on a page or get some scrappy chores done.”

About 9 months ago, Chelle set a goal to do some scrapping every day. I get to share those layouts with you each week in our Sunday post, “Chelle Scraps.”  At first it was overwhelming to try it with that BIG deadline everyday, but Chelle founds some ways that have worked well for her. She has scrapped about 95 double page layouts since that time, just by using these simple ideas.

1. Go through your photos for an event or layout, select the photos you want to use, run them through Radlab and save them in a sub folder folder called “To Be Scrapped.”
2. Utilize clusters, templates & stacks that are pre-made (You Tub, Using Stacks)
3. Your layout a day isn’t set in stone. You may have a layout that is elaborate. It may take 2 days.
4. You can finish a layout started a previous day by adding the journaling, clusters, etc.
5. Consistency makes your scrapping faster.
6. Keep a spreadsheet or list of the layouts you still need to do. (Do you scrap by event or by year?)
7. Think about the kits your favorite designer’s are releasing, Then look at your list. Could they be combined and make your layout quicker. Think about elements or clusters.
8. Use your smart phone to keep track of journaling moments. Chelle’s 4 year old son recently told her, “Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, & Santa Clause are the good guys in case you were wondering.”  You could use any kit to scrap around funny things your little one’s say.
9. Set realistic goals. I can do a layout a day for this week, this month, until this book is done, until this year is done. Suddenly you’ll find that you are naturally taking those 30 minutes a day to get a layout done. Then it won’t be long until you have a book ready to publish.

You can listen to Chelle speak about daily scrapping here.

So Just Start!

It’s Supercalifragilistic… and Movie Night! | Digital Scrapbook Inspiration

Hey Scrappers,

I have been singing up a storm this week.  Between my sampler for Iron Scrapper (Supercalifragilistic….) and my mini kit for fresh fruit (Movie Night)…  Well, actually Movie Night is not the name of a musical, but every time I see it I think, “Let’s go to the Movies!”  Which starts those catchy tunes from Annie running through my head.  :)

And I created this new alpha.  They work great with Supercali or any of the Week 3 Iron Scrapper Samplers.

If you purchase 4 or more of the products in this week’s Iron Scrapper Collection, they will be discounted 50% OFF PLUS you will also get the amazing Iron Scrapper Week Three add-on for FREE!

Here are some layout ideas for you.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!!!  Another way you can earn entries in the prize drawings is scrapping with Fresh Fruit = new stuff I release each week.  Here’s my fresh fruit for this 3rd week:

(Note:the Iron Scrapper Samplers are NOT fresh fruit)

NEW! Movie Night

AND if you buy Movie NIght before 7.23, you will automatically receive Movie Night Alpha for FREE.

Layout ideas for Movie Night



Interviews | Digital Scrapbooking Words on Wednesday

Hello Friends!

Lovin’ the interview concept for your digital scrapbooking. You never know what answers you will get. I was thinking about interviews I’d done with my Parents/Grandparents. Grandma Pitcher said, “…if I’m not there on Judgment Day, you’ll know I went the other way.” When she transplanted flowers she would say to the plant, “live or die, it’s up to you.” My father would say, “if you are ready to go, you’re ready to stay home.” Dad would get peeps attention as they were driving by and stop them, then he’s say to them, “do you know your back tires are going forward?” Come up with questions that will give you these treasured moments.

Some funny statements, some are profound, just sit down a child, or have a visit with Grandma or Grandpa. You can shift these lists below to fit your needs. Here are some ideas.

Kid Interviews:
1. What is your happiest memory?
2. Why do you like being a kid?
3. One word to describe you would be _______.
4. What advice would you give your parents?
5. If you could be any animal, which one would you be and why?
6. What do you like to do for fun?
7. Tell about a funny time in your life.
8. What is your favorite thing to do? Why?
9. What is your favorite thing to do with your friends?
10. What do you love most about your sibling?
11. What was the nicest thing you did for someone?
12. What do you think you will be doing 10 years from now?
13. What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
14. What would be the ideal allowance? Tell me how you would use it.
15. What do you think makes a person good-looking?
16. Name two things we should do as a family on the weekend.
17. What is the grossest thing you can think of?

All about My Grandma
1. How old is your Grandma?
2. What is your Grandma’s favorite color?
3. What is your Grandma’s favorite food?
4. How tall is your Grandma?
5. What shoe size does she wear?
6. What is her favorite TV show?
7. What time does your Grandma wake up in the morning?
8. What does you Grandma do while you’re at school?
9. What is your Grandma’s first name?
10. What do you like best about your Grandma?

All about your Grandpa
1. How old is your Grandpa?
2. What is Grandpa’s favorite sport to play?
3. What is Grandpa’s favorite food?
4. How strong is your Grandpa?
5. Where does your Grandpa work?
6. What is Grandpa’s favorite TV show?
7. What is your favorite thing to do with Grandpa?
8. How tall is your Grandpa?
9. What do you like best about your Grandpa?
10. What is your Grandpa’s first name?

Here are a couple of layouts from the Creative Team. Karen gives us this layout.


She used Oh Snap!


Mel N gave us this interview of her kids in 2014.


She used: Lucky Me, Fleur De Violette, Darling Stitch A Bet (retired) & Marker Alpha (retired). Click on the images for additional information.

cc_luckyme_bundle     cc_fleurdeviolette_bundle-01

I bet “interview” layouts will be one of your favorites when you look back over the years.

Beat the Heat

I can think of a very few ways I prefer to beat the heat of summer than with an icy cold treat. Chelle’s Creations has a terrific classic digital scrapbooking kit called Beat the Heat that has everything I need to preserve those memories of hot summer days with a cold sweet treat. Take a look at a couple of delicious pages as examples from her creative team.

First, Krista captured her two darlings enjoying ice cream. She has masterfully combined the polka dot paper with the plaid for the background, and her clusters of ice cream cones and flowers are perfect accents for her matted photos.  IceCream_

Next, Jen took advantage of some quality time with her oldest and her husband to share a frozen treat at a favorite ice cream shop. I love the photo treatments she has used with the colors in Chelle’s kit, and I’m crazy about those stacked papers in the background. may-18-ice-cream-shoe-date_zps625d81e0

Need a closer look at the kit in the market? Here it is! The image is linked. cc_beattheheat_kit