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Woo Hoo!  Digital Scrapbook Day weekend means I have lots of goodies, deals, & fun going on.  Don’t forget to check out the Scrap Orchard Game On Forum for more fun events.  Come cheer me on as I take on some of my fellow designers in a friendly game of Yahtzee!  We are going to have a great time!  Don’t miss it.  And don’t miss these deals & goodies either:

This week I have a new mini for you. Who can resist Trick or Treating! It’s on sale for $2.52.

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You know I love that multi photo look.  So I’ve made a couple more templates in this style. Lay It On There Doubles 5&6.

On sale for $2.52 this weekend.

Just laying it on there. These fabulous double page templates look like you just tossed your photos right onto the page. White borders & curled shadows make your layouts look so dimensional you’ll want to touch them. Use them as is or each side separately. Super versatile:

* Don’t like the white borders? Just fill that layer with your photos and hide the gray photo spots layers for a completely different look!

* Don’t like the curled shadows? Just hide those layers and add your own shadows.

2 12×24 templates in psd, png, tiff, & page formats Also each side separately as 12×12 templates in psd, png, tiff, & page formats.

Here’s a few samples from the CT:

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Facebook changed the rules.  I can no longer give away freebies to my fans effective November 1st.  But that isn’t stopping me!  I have a new Chelle’s Creations Fan Club Facebook GROUP. Join the group to pick up FREEBIE #2.  (Give me a minute to approve your membership if it doesn’t happen right away.)

Freebie links expire 11.5.14  Check your downloads right away.

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Freebie links expire 11.5.14  Check your downloads right away.

Come join the games.  Check out these prizes:  

One of the things that makes events like Digital Scrapbook Day fun is when you get involved in the games.  I hope to see you there!

Lists! | Digital Scrapbooking Words on Wednesday


How are you doing on journaling? Do you find yourself making a list? I was thinking about it and found this interview Chelle’s did back in the day… well, her digital scrapbooking day. It was originally posted in July 2011 on her blog, just after she started her digital scrapbooking design business. Here’s what she had to say:

Journaling is so important because it’s telling the stories that are part of our memories.

  • Sometimes
  • Sometimes
  • Sometimes
journaling is just a few words or phrases.
  • It’s

List sample LO

{Chelle used one of her original kits. It’s now retired.}

Remember, when using a list for your journaling, the format of the items is important. In general you want the items in your list to be consistent. For example:

  • Spinning
  • Twirling
  • Swaying
  • Run←See?  It doesn’t belong.

Unless you are doing it on purpose for effect.  Here I wanted to emphasize the contrast:

  • Making pancakes for breakfast.
  • Racing to sign papers.
  • Searching for backpacks.
  • Watching for the bus.
  • Silence…at last.

sample list LO 2

{Chelle used one of her early kits that is retired.)

Lists can be especially useful in stories where you find yourself saying, “and then we went here…and then we did this…and then…and then…” Leave out the “and then” and turn it into a list…MUCH more interesting to read.

Here’s a layout from Jenn S from our creative team. Look at how she used a list. I bet you have tons of ideas now. Go for it!dayonelist

Jenn used Mickey Mouse Club March & Mickey Mouse Club March Alpha.

cc_mmcm     cc_mmcm_ap

The next time you are ready to journal…just make a list of the things that come to your mind as you reflect on the photos…then turn your journaling into a list.



Give Thanks

Once a year, I try to spend a month emphasizing the things in my life for which I am thankful. It really helps to keep me grounded and grateful. Chelle’s Creations has a classic digital scrapbooking kit called Give Thanks that is perfect for my 30 days of giving thanks project. It’s also great for recording memories of celebrating the harvest, enjoying a delicious feast, or just spending a fall day with loved ones. Let me show you a couple of layouts so you can see the kit in use.

First, Lisa shows a page she made with this kit. It showcases a cute picture of her children sitting at the kids’ table at the Thanksgiving Dinner a few years ago. I love the cluster she made using the turkey, leaves, and veggies. give-thanks-lo-lisa

Jenny shows us her page highlighting a special family photo. The various colored ribbons she has used as a photo background look fantastic on that blue paper. And I love the visual triangle she formed with her clusters of flowers around the photo. Thanksgiving-2013-2_web

There’s more warm goodness in the kit. Take a closer look! Be sure to notice the little people that are included. cc_givethanks

Thankfully yours,


Are you a member? | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hi Fellow Scrappers.

Do you take advantage of Chelle’s social media? Facebook, Facebook Fan Page, Newsletters, Twitter, You Tube, Blog, Instagram, & Designer Club. This post is short & sweet, but oh so valuable. I’ve hooked you up with links to ALL Chelle’s social media sites. Make sure you “like” or bookmark all of these goodies. Hint! Chelle’s Creations Facebook Fan Page is NEW this week. That’s the place to look for FREEBIES that coordinate with Chelle’s New Releases.

Take a minute to ready yourself for Digital Scrapbook Day next weekend, November 1st. MOST IMPORTANTLY, go to her STORE at Scrap Orchard and put some goodies on your wishlist.

Have a great day!

Visual Triangles

Hi Chelle’s Creations fans! Today we’re talking about a method for arranging items on your digital scrapbooking page called visual triangle placement. Simply put, it means placing your photos, or clusters, or combinations of such in a large triangle so the reader’s eye follows your three main points around the page. It can help to either draw your eye to the one large focal spot, or it can help you to see the page as a whole and not miss a single detail. Let me show you a couple of examples.

First, Heather has used a combination of elements from Roller Coasters & Cotton Candy to form her triangle. From her journal box on the top left to the large photo on the right to the title cluster on the bottom, she has the reader’s attention captured in a flow of the story of her memory of taking her children to the carnival. She didn’t have many pictures that day, so she used her one large photo, a large title piece (you can find that word art here), and her words to create a digital scrapbooking page that will elicit fond memories from her family each time they look at it. And isn’t that what we want?  15382411478_fe1d61151f_o

Krista used a slightly different technique for her visual triangle. The large photo on the page tells the obvious story, but it is anchored on the page perfectly by the clusters of beach elements from Chelle’s At the Beach kit, all placed at the corners of her visual triangle. This technique draws your eye to that focal point photo. Just a few simple touches were all that was needed to complete the story: the date, a few bits of word art, and the title art. Life_

If you would like a closer look at the kits used for this blog post, check these out. The images are linked to the store.



10.20 Video Tutorial: Painting with CU Watercolor Florals

Did you know that CU products aren’t just for designers? CU or commercial use products are the perfect addition to you everyday scrapbooking stash. They allow you to add elements to the kits you have easily or they can help enhance the look of the kit. This video tutorial by Chelle’s Creations shows you how to add her CU Watercolor Floral brushes to your designs.

Even though Chelle’s video demonstrates how to make a element for a kit let’s she how Chelle’s creative team used what they learned from this video to enhance their pages.

Kimberly (enjoyyourpix) added three watercolor flowers to add a nice balance between the other flowers on the page. For this page she used Boho Summer.

I love the watercolor assortment of flowers clustered behind Karen’s (zippyoh) photo and paper mats. Karen combined a Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs templates with Chelle’s Fleur de Violette.

Hurry over to Chelle’s Creations store to pick up her CU Watercolor Florals.

While you are there check out the other CU Watercolor flowers she has available such as: CU Watercolor Florals {Poppies}, CU Watercolor Florals {Daisies}, and CU Watercolor Florals {Roses}.

Like Chelle’s Creations CU products head over here to learn more about Chelle’s Creations Designer Club.