1. Jackie

    You are such a natural teacher!  Do you have an entire beginner’s set of tutorials?  I’ve been looking online for various classes, but chose to come to you.  I wanted to learn from someone whose style I really enjoy and whose work I’d like to use as inspiration.  I’ve been purchasing kits for a little over a year now, mostly to use in my Spanish lessons and personal scrapbooks and around the house.  I’d like to take the next step and really utilize PSE, but I’d like a systemic learning system.  Right now I’m just finding random tutorials as I come across them.  I looked at the Designer Club, but I’d like something with a solid instructional base.  Do you have a CD or online class that would walk me through the entire “beginner” stage of PSE?  If not, is there a set of tutorials that you would recommend?  Again I LOVE your style and find your tutorials amazing.  There are a variety of styles out there, and I gravitate towards yours most.  

    Sorry for the lengthy note, but I would really love your advice.  Thank you so much for your time, for the tutorials you’ve already created (I’ve watched them all several times), and for your wonderfully fun and usable artwork!  You definitely have a gift!


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