Patterned Burlap & Textiles
Have you been in a fabric or craft store lately?  Printed textiles are crazy popular right now.  Our local JoAnn’s cannot keep them in stock.  You know what I mean?  Stuff like these printed burlaps from the JoAnn’s website:

I love that they have generic patterns, fancy prints, …even holiday prints.  And they’ve made their way into the paper scrapping world.  Check out these printed burlaps from Prima:

Eeeeek!  I can’t wait to make some to add to my kits!  It’s super easy with the CU Textiles or the CU Burlap Bits.


Here’s a couple I made just playing around. (Note:  When you are making prints on textiles, remember the paint/color doesn’t get down in the little cracks and crevices very well.  It’s your chance to be artistic!)

One thing that makes this technique look real is when the pattern is only visible on the raised parts of the burlap.  Take a closer look.  See how there is no paint down between the burlap fibers on the layer behind?

Here’s a quick way to get that “look”:
Step #1 Duplicate the burlap layer and add your color/pattern.  I prefer to use a linear light sandwich.  (What’s that?  Check out my Design Secrets Revealed: Advanced Recoloring for not only an explanation, but 2 actions to help you make super quick sandwiches)

Step #2  ON THE ORIGINAL BURLAP LAYER, with the magic wand tool, (tolerance 15, contiguous box UNchecked) click on one of those “holes”.  This will select all the similarly colored spots = the rest of the “holes”

Step #3 ON THE PATTERN/COLOR LAYER, delete or hide the pattern/color in the selected areas.  I did this with a mask.  (note the small dark gray squares on this layer mask)


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