Hi Everyone! Hope you are all doing great!  It’s Jenn, aka jk703, here for an easy tutorial – but something you might not know how to do!  Hope this is easy for you to follow, and maybe something new for you!

Many of my layouts are square… right angles, and lots of them!  What about softening the edges, and making some of your layers rounded?!  I love this little idea, and use it all the time, especially because it is sooo easy!  So, start your layout, and let’s go!

Step 1:  When you are ready to make your rounded edge layer, choose the Rounded Rectangle Tool from the Tools Palette. My tools pop out to the right when I click and hold, which allows me to choose one of the other sub tools in the menu.

Step 2:  Next, you will see your cursor change to a symbol similar to a plus sign. On the tools menu options, there is a section for the Radius.  You can have anything up to 13 inches. I’ve used .50 inches for this example.

Step 3:  Now, you will click on your layout, and hold the mouse button down.  Drag the button, and you will see your shape forming with a dashed line.  Make the shape the size that you would like. When you let go of the mouse button, the shape will be filled in with the foreground color.

Step 4: After the color is filled, you can then clip your paper to the shape!
Step 5:  Add your shadows and you’ve made rounded edges!
But what happens if you use a different radius?  The amount of roundness will change, making it a larger number will cause the shape to be rounder.  Having a lower radius, will cause the shape to be less round on the corners.
Here is a different example, rounder with a radius of 2 inches:
A really simple way to add something different to your layouts!  Here is my final page, and I used Chelle’s Carrot Patch and Stamped Alpha:
One from Mel.
From Jan:
From Melissa:
Thanks for stopping by and visiting!
Jenn (jk703)


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