Silver Bells & Reindeer Games | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Review

Hello Friends! Chelle has been designing her fingers off this week. Can yo guess why? You got it.
Chelle’s one day sale of the year was yesterday, Dec 4th her entire store was 50% off.  As part of the 12 Days of Winter advent sale she released two new digital scrapbooking kits. Silver Bells & Reindeer Games.


Jenn J copy

Roxana copy

Donna copyJan copy

Kayla copy





Did you miss Scrap Twister Thursday night? Here is Chelle’s layout using Silver Bells.

Scrap Twister Double Feature Lights on Temple Square

This one uses Reindeer Games.

You can still participate! Go HERE in the forum for the instructions. Post a layout before Sunday Night 11:59 PM.  Here are the 2 Freebies that were provided if you completed Twister Game 1 & Twister Game 2.



You can purchase CU Foiled if you aren’t able to do a layout before Sunday Dec 6th, 11:59 Eastern.


Have a great weekend!

by Sari

11.23.15 Gadanke Journaling Method | Digital Scrapbooking Resources

Hey Friends! Today I want to share a digital scrapbooking journaling method that Chelle told me about.  It’s called Gadanke.  Check out Katie Clemons web site and ideas.

Here’s a quote from Katie’s Gadanke Website.

“Here’s my secret 5-step formula for writing a quick, in-depth journal entry.

I know. You wouldn’t think “quick” and “in-depth” could come together. So hear me out. Watch this 5-minute workshop and try the exercise a couple of times. You’ll be cranking out these insightful little entries faster than you can turn the calendar to next week’s workshop. ”

In this workshop video, I’m using:

Now let me show you what Donna created using the Gadanke journaling method.


Donna used Great Outdoors in this layout.




11.17.15 Perfect Pairs! Master Builder & Jump Zone | Digital Scrapbooking Kit Combinations

Hey Everyone! Are you familiar with Chelle’s digital scrapbooking collections, Master Builder and Jump Zone? Let me give you a peek of the 2 collections. But don’t forget to check out Karen’s layout below.
Here are the coordinating products.
cc_jumpzone_apcc_jumpzone_wa cc_jumpzone_IL cc_jumpzone_JC
Here’s a layout by Karen. I soooo love this layout. Got to say though, I didn’t know there was a duct tape holiday. What a fun use of all the colors. I think Olaf is my favorite duct tape creature.
Enjoy! I love to see what you create. If you make a layout, please post it in the SO pin gallery using #chelle.

11.14.15 Dadgum Alpha & Twister Layouts | Digital Scrapbooking Week In Review

Hello Friends! This week Chelle released a new digital scrapbooking alpha, Dadgum, that coordinates with her Route 66 Collection. Traffic, racing, car repairs, road trips, or that movie-come-to-life amusement park, this alpha is perfect for your automotive pleasure.


Check out this new layout Chelle made at our monthly Scrap Twister Chat.

junkyard jamboree

Here’s a couple of layouts using Route 66 that I didn’t include in last week’s Week In Review posts. The layouts are by Jenn & Karen

jennschultz Karen

Have a great week!


11.11.15 Shooting in the RAW mode | Digital Scrapbooking Words on Wednesday

Hello Friends! I was looking over some of Chelle’s Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials and came across this information about shooting photos in the RAW mode on your camera. I wanted to re-post it to all of our new newsletter subscribers.

Photo Fix Tip:  SHOOT IN RAW!  
The other day I was browsing my pictures from a past July…nighttime shot of playing with sparklers and saw this:

I was so bummed.  You could hardly see anything…and it’s not the first time I’ve messed up the exposure on my dark photos.  FORTUNATELY I’ve learned from my mistakes.  So when I’m shooting in low light situations (or other problematic exposure situations) I change up the settings on my camera.  I “shoot in RAW mode”.  This means instead of saving the photo as a JPEG, it’s saves the photo data in a different way (different camera brands have their own extension…but we’ll call it RAW).  My camera will save it both ways simultaneously, & I like that mode best.

So…I opened up the same RAW photo & tweaked the numbers…mostly the EXPOSURE and got this:

Woot!  So then I created this:

SO…check out your camera manual…learn how to shoot RAW (if your camera can) so the next time you are in the dark & your exposure is off, you can save the photos!

ps.  Why don’t I ALWAYS shoot in RAW?  Well…
#1.  My last camera could either shoot raw OR jpeg (not both), and I could only view the photos if I brought them into the Adobe converter…a LOT of work just to look at my photos.  But now my operating system can preview both jpgs & raw files, so that’s not so much a reason anymore…
#2.  RAW files are relatively HUGE compared to jpegs.  In the picture above, the jpg is 3MB and the raw is 8MB, so when saving both, I was filling up my SD card VERY fast.  Um…I upgraded my SD card (the old one was 5 years old…and it was big back then…) so now that’s not so much of a reason anymore either….
Guess I should switch back to RAW+JPEG again. :)

Our CT Member Jenn J. Tried using the RAW mode with her camera. She used Fleur de Violette.

Jenn J

Now look at how the picture started out.

Jenn RawBad

After the Fix.

Jenn Raw1

Amazing! Try it out if you camera has a RAW mode. It might turn out to be your favorite new way to shoot photos.


by Sari


11.12.15 Digitally “Inking” Edges | Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials

Hello Friends!

Recently I was browsing on Chelle’s Blog.  I came across a tutorial I had never seen before. I’m always up for sharing ideas. So here is a re-post of  “Inked Edges,”  in this case tags. With Christmas around the corner, I know all of my digi friends could have a blast with digital scrapbooking tags for presents. Paint splats, glitter, things like that. Think of the mess you won’t have to clean up!

Perhaps the best thing about digitally “inking edges” is that my fingers are clean. Or maybe it’s that I don’t need several colors of ink pads. Either way, here are some step by step instructions for simulating inked edges.

Step 1:  Begin with an element that you wish to “ink”.  Create a blank layer above the element.  This is the layer that will have the “ink” so it can be “clipped” to the shape.

Step 2:  Use a texturizing brush.  I chose number 23 and lowered the size to about 100.

Step 3:  Make some adjustments to the brush–these adjustments work in the full version of photoshop.  Some adjustments can be made in Elements.    Lower the spacing adjustment to about 15%.  Raise the angle jitter to aover 50%.  The actually numbers are not critical–differences will result in unique “ink”.

Step 4:  Brush along the edges of the element.  I click on the corner, then move to the next corner, hold down shift and click again.  You CAN create a path and stroke the path, but I believe the uniqueness that results from doing it “by hand” adds to the realism.   Especially on circles.  Inking with a square/flat inkpad on a circle does NOT turn out smooth or even.

Step 5:  Go around the element twice to establish a “base”.  Clip the ink layer to the element.  It will be easier to see your results.

Step 6:   This is where you get to be creative.  Change the size of the brush.  Brush it up here and there.  In this screenshot I’m getting started on the left edge.

Step 7:   Keep going until all edges are tweaked.  Go a little thicker on the corners.

Step 8:  Not really a step…change the color of the inked layer…adjust the blending mode…try a light color & screen to simulate sanding the edges.


by Sari

11.09.15 Including Grandparents in Digital Scrapbooking | Digital Scrapbooking Ideas

Hello Friends!  How do you include grandparents in your digital scrapbooking? I was watching a local tv show here in Utah, Studio 5. They talked about ways to include Grandma & Grandpa in digi. Here are some of their ideas.  I know all your creative ladies can adapt these ideas into a digi layout ideas. These ideas came from Blogger Nina Lewis, a.k.a. Digigram.

When your grandchildren live fairly close to you, it’s easy to build a relationship with them. However, it’s much harder when they live over-the-river-and-through-the woods. (Read that to mean a long, long, long ways away.) Here are three ideas of things that you can do to connect with those grandkiddos that makes building a relationship a breeze – and loads of fun.

“Face-to-Face” Relationships * Taking pictures off Skype or Facetime and digi scrap them.
Video chats (such as Skype or Facetime) are a boon to grandparents. They allow us to actually see our grandchildren while we talk to them. But, don’t spend all of your time just talking. Use video chats to actually play with them.

Fun with Photos
Typically, when grandma gets a photo of a family member, she sticks it on the fridge. While that is fine and dandy, do something different. Have fun with them! Doing wild and wacky things with photos is a perfect way to entice your kids and grandkids to send you a plethora of photos!

Here’s a layout idea from our CT, Lisa. She said, “One thing I love to do for our family members is scrap pages about our visits together. Sometimes family members shy away from the camera when it comes out but they ALWAYS love the gift of the pictures when they’ve been turned into something beautiful to always treasure. Photo books and calendars are favorites in my family!”


She used Fleur de Violette for her layout.