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  3. Bekki

    Hi, Chelle! I’ve been meaning to ask you a question for awhile, but I’m having a hard time knowing how to word it. I was watching one of your tutorials awhile back, and I noticed something that I think you did, but you didn’t say anything about it. It might have just been a camera trick or something, but it looked like there was some kind of shortcut that you used. Maybe a keystroke. You were using the magic wand to select an item. Toward the end of your selection, it looked like your line jumped or snapped back to the beginning, so the selection closed and you got your marching ants. Is there a keyboard shortcut for that???? I haven’t been able to find anything on my own, so I hope you know what I’m talking about, and I truly hope there is such a shortcut! It would make that selection process so much easier. Thank you!!

    1. Chelle

      Hey Bekki!

      You are correct, I didn’t see the comment.  Thanks for pointing it out!

      When you are using the polygonal lasso tool, you click once at each of the points.  To close the shape you can either click super-close to the first point or just double click  where you want and it will close the shape from the double click spot.  

      I almost always use the double click method.  That gives me a straight line back to where I started rather than a funny little spot when I miss the starting place a few times. LOL!


      1. Bekki

        Thank you so much for getting back to me :). Here’s the thing, though. The double-click method doesn’t seem to work for me. It’s like it just starts over, unselecting everything I’ve just spent lots of time selecting. I’ve got PSE11, but maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’ll try it again, just to make sure I’m remembering right. Appreciate your help!!!

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